Monday, March 5, 2012

Live From New York it's Monday Night

LiLo had a rough go of it on SNL this week. There was a whole lot of cue card reading and uncomfortable non-funnyness. Honestly, she kind of phoned it in. On one hand I'm super proud of her for trying to get her career back on track, but if you're going to stage a mega comeback on SNL it's probably a good idea to memorize your lines. Ah, hindsight, sadly it's only 20/20 if you're not smoking crack.

Regardless, there was one AWESOME sketch that cracked me up. Particularly given little Lydia's obsession with princesses. Note to Andy Cohen - if you put this on the air, I would absolutely watch.


Kelly Polark said...

I only watched the first half, but yes, I've never seen a host so obviously read cue cards like that! (I know they do, but it was so obvious!). Yes, you'd think she'd worked a little harder knowing she'd be scrutinized.
That princess sketch totally cracked me up, too.
Also, Jason Sudeikis laughing at the end of the jail sketch made me laugh too.

erica m. chapman said...

Ha! Best part of the show! Yeah, she did read the cards a lot... *sigh*

Jen Daiker said...

I missed it... but on purpose. I was afraid it would be so humiliating even I would feel uncomfortable. Sounds like I was right.

I wish I could watch this damn hulu video. Silly computer doesn't want me too. Don't worry, it will be watched.

JEM said...

Somehow the video showed up as a Kent State University ad for me, which left me MUY confused. If it's the housewives skit, though, I thought that was funny.

Krispy said...

I didn't watch it, but I heard about the obvious cue-card reading. I did see the Princess skit though because my sister forwarded it to me. HILARIOUS. That's a reality TV show I would watch.

Christa Desir said...

LiLo really did have a rough go of it. But honestly, every host reads from cue cards. They need to cut that crap out and plan some of these skits in advance. Actors can memorize lines if they are given them. Really. I've seen it happen. The cue card thing even made Zoe D look bad and she should NEVER look bad.