Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tell the Truth Tuesday

1. The Hush Fund is eating all of my creative energy. Every last bit. Which kind of, sort of, explains why I suck at blogging lately. I hope you'll all forgive me once you read the book next July.

2. I broke my promise with myself that I would never, ever try to pitch book cover ideas to an editor ever again. EVER. I blame Laura.

3. I ate three s'mores tonight. I'm thinking of asking the cover designer to add a note on the cover of the book that says, "Brought to you by marshmallow, graham cracker and chocolate melted in a microwave." Klassy.

4. I've been on yet another mad house decorating spree this time inspired by the fact that we've decided to stay for another school year. Part of the reason I gave in so easily is because it meant I got a tiny budget to do some renovations I've been dreaming of since we moved here 7-years-ago. Not gonna lie, I've been spending WAY too much time on Pinterest.

5. I still worry about Rayanne Graff. Seriously. I think about her on a semi-regular basis. Do you think she's still drinking? What about her mom? I hope her an Angela are friends again. Yes, seriously. This is the stuff I think about.

6. I'm temporarily swearing off bleak, sad books that leave me feeling hopeless and sad for humanity. I just finished a book that was amazing, but left me feeling so, so, sad.

7. Lucky for me I have a super-fun book to read next. It's an ARC from one of our favorite blogging friends and I couldn't be more excited. PLUS we're working on a blurb for another amazing book we just finished a couple of weeks ago. 2013 is going to be a good year, guys.

8. I just remembered I have to email our agent.

9. But I love ending on 10, so I'm totally going to stretch this out....

10. I'm beat, but so happy to be posting something on the blog. It's been too long. I miss you guys. Fingers crossed for some juicy truths in the comments.


Brooke Zelwin said...

Pretty sure Rayanne died of a brain tumor on private practice. What book did you just finish? I love reading your blog posts, I think we should be friends :)

JEM said...

I TOTALLY known what you mean about worrying about characters, especially ones that were left in a bad place. I often think that Captain Mal and Inara ended up together, and she gave up her hooking (because come on, that's what it was) to be with him.m Le sigh.

Katie said...

SO GLAD you are back! I was sick of seeing "Laura Roecker on Copyedits" every time I came to your blog. Which is every day.

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