Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday Five: Television Intervention

1. The other day, I watched an entire season of 16 and Pregnant in one day including the Reunion Special. I cried multiple times throughout. I went to bed feeling hungover and dirty.

2. Income Property on HGTV makes me want to remodel our basement so we can reduce our mortgage to $300. Granted, we'd also have to share our house with a complete stranger, but a part of me thinks it might be worth it. Maybe they could help with childcare.

3. I will always turn on Little Bear if the show is requested. The reason for this is because on one episode, Little Bear wanted his mom to play with him, but she explained that it was time for her to read a book and continued to rock in her rocker. A good lesson for all wee ones.

4. I bawled my eyes out during the last two episodes of Parenthood. I'm talking lump in your throat kind of tears. All I could imagine was Lydia falling in love with some guy and not wanting to talk to me anymore. It was devastating.

5. I've watched the first three episodes of Pregnant in Heels more times than I care to admit. Someone needs to block the show from my TV. This might be a cry for help.

Please, dear God, someone cancel my cable. Happy Friday!


B.E. Sanderson said...

I caught the Tuesday's episode of Parenthood, and I cried over the hospital scene. All I could imagine was my own family gathered in the emergency room after my own accident.

Stina said...

I don't know why, but I couldn't stand Little Bear when my kids used to watch it. I'm not sure they really liked it much either, but it was the transition show between the ones they did enjoy.

I haven't seen the other shows mentioned. Actually, I've never even heard of them. ;)

Sara B. Larson said...

I don't think I've seen any of those shows (except Little Bear, thanks to my kids), but I really enjoyed hearing your reactions to them. Ha ha!

Bethany Elizabeth said...

I'm glad I don't have a TV - I'd get so addicted!

Elana Johnson said...

LOL! I don't watch any of these, but there's an abundance of reality TV at my house. Makes for good lunchroom conversation the next day.

Rebecca Knight said...

I just discovered Iron Chef: America last night on Hulu and watched three episodes. It is seriously addictive. Someone seriously stuffed a quail with chocolate, and apparently it was delicious.

Also, that is AWESOME that the Little Bear people are trying to help give moms some "me time." Good for them :).

Riv Re said...

I have too many guilty TV pleasures (and I don't even watch that much TV). I try not to watch too much, but it kinda heaps up. Glee (not so much a guilty pleasure). Smallville. And, last but not least, Pokemon.
Great combo, right?

Anonymous said...

Oh goodness... I don't watch any of those shows but I have my own guilty pleasures that make me cry, feel ashamed and dirty, and then yank me right back into their circle. Feels good sometimes. :o)

Anonymous said...

1. We got rid of cable recently. Cost cutting, y'know.

2. But then I discovered the beauty of Netflix streaming. It's only a matter of time before Hulu takes over my life.

3. Actually, that's not true. I have a few deadlines approaching, so even the lure of hot cyborgs on Battlestar Galactica isn't enough to keep me away from working.

4. Except tonight. Friday's date night. Great excuse to watch movies.

5. And have a few drinks. You know how it goes.

6. Was this the most normal list I've ever written you? Huh. That's just not right.

9. I was 16 and pregnant once. True story.

9. Maybe.

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