Monday, November 14, 2011

The Unborn Deadline

Laura is due to pop. Literally POP. Any day now. And I'm completely terrified.

Sure, you might say that since I'm not the one actually delivering a child, I should be sitting back, sipping Diet Coke through a Twizzler straw and dreaming of holding my new nephew. But instead I'm sitting in front of my computer with burning eyes and a pit in my stomach. 

We have 9 days.

9 days left to finish the first 10 chapters of a manuscript that absolutely has to be finished before Laura has the baby.

9 days left to sit on the phone for 3 hours discussing the rise and fall of our Amazon rank.

9 days left to engage in endless Skype conversations speculating on what the cover for The Lies That Bind might look like.

9 days left to send Laura links to my Pinterest boards to get real time feedback on paint colors for my massive house staging project.

So...yeah. 9 days before our lives change forever and a new little Roecker enters the world.

I can't wait.


Natalie Aguirre said...

Sounds like you're both going to be busy. Good luck with it all.

Matthew MacNish said...

Another baby? Seems like Ben was just born yesterday.

Laura Pauling said...

How exciting! New babies are so much fun and hard work.

Can't wait to see the new cover!

Tara said...

Nine days!?! I am so excited for you Laura! And for you too, Auntie Lisa! Miss you guys and can't wait to meet the newest little Roecker!

Tere Kirkland said...

Congrats in advance, and good luck getting those chapters finished, auntie Lisa!

Krispy said...

Good luck meeting those other deadlines, and early congrats on the new family member! :D

Shannon O'Donnell said...

Really?! Wow!! I had no idea she was pregnant again--how awesome!! Sounds like you might be a bit busy for the next 9 days, huh!! :-)

Nicole Zoltack said...

The 9 days are both gonna fly by and take forever! I hope everything does smoothly with the delivery!

Btw, I have 99 days. Kinda freaky.

Marsha Sigman said...

Holy Hell, where has the time gone? And is Laura going to be out of the hospital in time for Thanksgiving dinner?

If so, she gets like a free pass on not having to bring a dessert right? CONGRATS!

Dara said...

Those last days seemed like an eternity with me. I am so glad that Thomas was born five days before his due date!

Also because he probably would've weighed over 9lbs if he went that much longer. Oy.

Anyways, early congrats to Laura on the new little one and to the rest of the family as well!

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