Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Tell the Truth Tuesday

1. The Hush Fund is eating all of my creative energy. Every last bit. Which kind of, sort of, explains why I suck at blogging lately. I hope you'll all forgive me once you read the book next July.

2. I broke my promise with myself that I would never, ever try to pitch book cover ideas to an editor ever again. EVER. I blame Laura.

3. I ate three s'mores tonight. I'm thinking of asking the cover designer to add a note on the cover of the book that says, "Brought to you by marshmallow, graham cracker and chocolate melted in a microwave." Klassy.

4. I've been on yet another mad house decorating spree this time inspired by the fact that we've decided to stay for another school year. Part of the reason I gave in so easily is because it meant I got a tiny budget to do some renovations I've been dreaming of since we moved here 7-years-ago. Not gonna lie, I've been spending WAY too much time on Pinterest.

5. I still worry about Rayanne Graff. Seriously. I think about her on a semi-regular basis. Do you think she's still drinking? What about her mom? I hope her an Angela are friends again. Yes, seriously. This is the stuff I think about.

6. I'm temporarily swearing off bleak, sad books that leave me feeling hopeless and sad for humanity. I just finished a book that was amazing, but left me feeling so, so, sad.

7. Lucky for me I have a super-fun book to read next. It's an ARC from one of our favorite blogging friends and I couldn't be more excited. PLUS we're working on a blurb for another amazing book we just finished a couple of weeks ago. 2013 is going to be a good year, guys.

8. I just remembered I have to email our agent.

9. But I love ending on 10, so I'm totally going to stretch this out....

10. I'm beat, but so happy to be posting something on the blog. It's been too long. I miss you guys. Fingers crossed for some juicy truths in the comments.


Brooke Zelwin said...

Pretty sure Rayanne died of a brain tumor on private practice. What book did you just finish? I love reading your blog posts, I think we should be friends :)

JEM said...

I TOTALLY known what you mean about worrying about characters, especially ones that were left in a bad place. I often think that Captain Mal and Inara ended up together, and she gave up her hooking (because come on, that's what it was) to be with him.m Le sigh.

Katie - Something to be Found said...

SO GLAD you are back! I was sick of seeing "Laura Roecker on Copyedits" every time I came to your blog. Which is every day.

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