Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Annual LiLa Writer's Conference - The Art of Procrastination

At that other writer's conference that also happens to be going on this weekend you'll learn all about how to get published. Just what you need, right?


We're here to tell you how to procrastinate. You didn't really want to finish that novel you've been working on for the past year anyways, right? And if you do really want to finish that novel, what the hell are you doing on our blog? Ha! Caught you.

Anyways, I was supposed to be hard at work writing today, but I've instead spent my time procrastinating in a variety of highly entertaining ways, all of which involve me being on my computer (and here's the key) allow me to look like I'm actually writing. Beautiful, right?

1. Pandora Radio - Welcome to the ultimate time suck. You can create your very own personalized radio station based on your favorite songs and artists. It's like musical crack. And the best part is you can totally rationalize all the time you're spending on the customization by convincing yourself that you'll write better if you're listening to good music. You're welcome.

2. - What you haven't gotten that huge advance just yet? Hmm, can't say I'm surprised considering that you're reading our blog instead of working on your book. Good thing this little website has all sorts of designer goodies for up to 70% off in their sale section. That's right. You can look like you're a money author without actually having to write a word. Good times.

3. Twitter - Twitter scares me a little bit, but it really is the #1 cyber stalking tool out there. Waiting to hear back from an agent or editor? Why not obsessively check their Twitter feed to see if they post anything that might even remotely pertain to your manuscript. It's both masochistic and amusing.

4. Blogging - This is kind of a no brainer, but whenever I really don't want to write or revise, I blog. Or I stalk your blogs. Some of you wonder how we manage to visit and comment on so many blogs, well, let's just say we're REALLY good at procrastinating.

5. AbsoluteWrite or QueryTracker stalking - There are all kinds of interesting writer discussions going on over at these boards and you can spend hours reading posts all in the name of research. Well, that's what I like to tell myself anyways.

Ok, procrastination attempt complete. Back to work. Of course if you all chime in with your favorite ways to procrastinate in the comments I'll have to personally check them all out. Just to, you know, verify that they're legit. Laura is going to kill me.


Loretta Nyhan said...

I'm guilty of every single one (this weekend especially) except shopbop. So you know where I'm going after I navigate from this page...

I fell into the Twitter trap when looking for an agent. One particular agent tweeted (is that right?) that she'd just gotten a manuscript she thought was AWESOME. I convinced myself it was mine, even though I'd only sent my manuscript two days before her tweet. It wasn't mine, of course.

Two sites to get you into trouble: & They'll suck you in!

XiXi said...

Ahaha. Pandora is awesome.

I would like to add Youtube (I go on pretty awesome journeys where the final destination ends up being completely different than the starting video), Facebook (obviously), and occasionally Wikipedia.

Wikipedia is deceptively addicting. All those links! So little time! Which one should I click on! I can do all of them! ~three hours pass~

Elana Johnson said...

My new procrastination strategy - facebook games. Forget "research" and "agent identification". Oh no. I've sunk to old-fashioned time-wasting. Ugh.

Tess said...

Hell-o?! Can I just say I link on one book that takes me to another and another. I have to read everyones ratings and comments and get all snotty about certain coment-ors who I know I'll disagree with.

Hours pass before I even get down to actually ordering a book (which I do, of course, because I love getting those beautiful padded envelopes in my mailbox).

ah, good times....good times...

ps: finished revisions tonight. HOORAY!!!


I procrastinate by going to workshops about fantasy without villains and teen market trends and finding your inner YA. It's the best kind of procrastination--it's all in the name of research, and it gets me inspired to write. Just, ya know, as soon as i finish up the next 2 days of workshops. :P

Sarah Wylie said...

Twitter is a huge one. Youtube, also big for me. Blogs. Gossip websites. Crackipedia. Good old chess against the computer. Nothing wastes time like deciding you need a rematch every the computer kicks your butt.
There's also exercise. Nonfiction books on spirituality and business sense. Color coordinating your closet. Color coordinating your roommate's closet (your children's are also acceptable). Memorizing every Julia Child recipe.
Ok, I jest. No exercise.

Christina Lee said...

hehe. Ah yes, Twitter- but not so much for me as Facebook and then any number of shopping sites like Amazon and Bluefly.... oh and by the way, I really do need good music playing when I write so I am going to try out Pandora

JAlexander said...

Yahoo loop groups. Do I need to read every “Squeee” and “Whoot whoot” post?? Apparently, yes.

Goodreads groups.

I also love researching epublisher’s submission guidelines and the calls for submission that are coming soon via Duotrope. Of course I do not have anything done to send, but I have the rules memorized.


Corey Schwartz said...

AOL Instant Messenger. I can talk to my friend TS for hours about what PB manuscript she is working on and whether or not it is ready to sub.

Anybody else on?

storyqueen said...

Holy Cow! I already waste sooooo much time just checking blogs, how would I possible fit the other time-wasters in? (And when I check blogs, it does feel kind of "research-ful"........because I find reading about writing inspirational.)

Won't do twitter....afraid. Very afraid.

Seriously, I 'm going to write real stuff now......not just blog stuff.......yeah, that's the ticket!


Susan R. Mills said...

I find all kind of ways to procrastinate. Someone once said: why do today what you can put off until tomorrow. The sooner you fall behind the longer you have to catch up, right?

Joanna said...

For me, the ultimate procrastination to do work is reading blogs. LOTS of blogs. But only good ones make my stalker list!

Here's one of my favorites (maybe Ed Swiderski should be on it???)

lisa and laura said...

Loretta - First off, the Dina Lohan YouTube videos are awesome. I think my favorite is the one where Ali dies, which almost certainly means I'm going straight to hell. And, yes, we've done the same thing with Twitter. Oooh, that manuscript *must* be ours. It was not. Can't wait to check out laineygossip.

Icy - Very worthy procrastination avenues. I find them all highly entertaining. Especially Wikipedia. I get on there in the name of research and three hours later, I can't even remember what I was researching.

Elana - That is a whole new low. Bravo!

Tess - Yay for finishing revisions! You must be so excited to have a bright and shiny manuscript to send to fabulous agent. Keep us posted on what happens next.

Jess - You're such a traitor. Hope you're enjoying that OTHER conference. Can't wait to hear all the deets when you return!

Sarah - Hilarious. I know I didn't mention it in my actual post, but I prefer to procrastinate by doing laundry and cleaning my house. That's where my true passions lie.

Christina - I love bluefly! And I've found some of the best deals on Amazon too. Online shopping is the devil.

Jenna - Welcome! There are people on message boards who I've stalked so thoroughly that I feel as though I know them. It's pathetic and time consuming, apparently my forte.

Corey - We're skype girls. Come over to the dark with us. They have little ninja emoticons. It's awesome.

Shelley - We're total blogoholics. They're so addictive, especially when there's such a huge community of awesome writers out there just waiting to be your friend. And then we have to go back and blog about the blogs we've read. It's really a vicious cycle.

Lazy - That's pretty much my motto. It drives Laura nuts, but I can't even think about writing until I've done every other on-line thing I can possibly do first. It's pathetic. Sometimes I have to leave the house and go somewhere without wifi to write. I'm that easily distracted.

Jo - That blog is awesome! My friend sent it to me back when we first conceived of the d-bag-o-meter. Love that the guy ended up with a book deal out of the whole thing. He's hilarious.

Little Ms J said...

Sorry I'm late to the session. I was downing martinis with Gerard Butler at The Algonquin last night.

I am OCD in my procrastination. It is a fine science. I check my email and blogs all day long via cell phone and then come home to sit on the couch and finally get to comment on everything I read all day. I first check Gmail, then Blogger (and comment), Twitter, then Facebook. Sometimes I'll blog, other times I complete the round again.

I never EVER procrastinate by doing laundry.


Danyelle L. said...

*grin* I "research" things I might need to know later. Like fashion, how to creme bejeweled blitz, and that sort of thing. It keeps the brain young, which is a good thing. O:)

Kelly H-Y said...

Hee, hee! Love it ... I can relate!

lisa and laura said...

Lisa often closes blog posts with, "Laura is going to kill me." I sound like such a wet blanket.

Ryan S. Kinsgrove said...

I too am easily distracted by anything that is slightly shiny, so I have to do all of my writing away from the computer anyway. Good old notebook and pencil:)

On that note though, my favorite way to procrastinate is just to read.

Shelli (srjohannes) said...

like i needed any new things to make me procrastinate.

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