Monday, April 25, 2011

Do You iClue? The Case of Seth Allen's Secret Admirer Part #1

Kate Who? It's time for an iClue Mystery Featuring Our Favorite Binge Eating, Conspiracy Theory Obsessed, Ginger

If you've read The Liar Society you probably remember Kate's dedicated sidekick Seth Allen. Well, those of you on Team Seth (and really who isn't?) are in for a treat this week because our iClue mystery is all about Seth and a Secret Admirer. What? You didn't think you were the only one with a massive crush on the pocket sized ginger, did you?

Click here to read the first installment of the mystery and check back every day this week to see where you can find clues that will help you channel Kate Lowry and solve The Case of Seth Allen's Secret Admirer once and for all. 

Every day this week we'll be posting more of Seth's mystery, so stay tuned!


Stina said...

I'm a Liam girl all the way . . . but then again, I haven't finished the book yet. (And I would be reading it right now if I weren't blogging . . . oh the temptation.). ;)

Matthew MacNish said...

Crap. Seth is my absolute fave! But I don't have time to get involved in this. Maybe this weekend.

Marsha Sigman said... I've done all the others so far but I was waiting for your turn!!

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