Thursday, September 6, 2012

Conversations with LiLa - Fashion Fail

Lisa: Omigod, have you seen the latest Lands End catalogue?

Laura: You get the Lands End catalogue?

Lisa: Sure do. And their stuff is so cute lately!

Laura: Really?

Lisa: I know, they've like rebranded or something. Remember when we used to make fun of Mom for wearing Lands End stuff? I just placed a huge order. Can't wait...

Laura: Uh, you realize that Lands End hasn't really changed at all?

Lisa: Oh no, they totally have, I used to think their clothes were for moms.

Laura: Right. They are for moms. They have the exact same stuff. You're getting old. You probably just ordered mom jeans! *cackles with glee*

Lisa: *quietly hangs up phone* *cancels order* *weeps*


Jessica said...

*snorts* LOL, you two are TOO FUNNY! I love this. :)

Marsha Sigman said...


Wait. Lands End isn't cool?

I've decided to go hippie. Fringe and beads on everything. I'm doin' it.

Katie Anderson said...

OMG. this is hysterical! Yes, cancel that order STAT. I have to throw those catalogs away without even looking at them because I would think they were cute too, I'm sure.

Thank goodness for teenage daughters (and sisters) who keep you in line and say, "Step away from the Land's End catalog, Mom."

Janet Gurtler said...

I TOTALLY buy from Land's End. And Nordstrom. I am my mother. Although, to be honest, I dont' think they were around when she was my age. Ha ha ha. Um. True.

Little Ms J said...

Hilarious. I'm so glad you guys have each other.

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