Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tell the Truth Tuesday

1. I've watched every episode of Gallery Girls at least three times. Chantal scares the crap out of me. If some poor hipster and Freddie Krueger had a baby, slapped some red lipstick on her and then raised her to have a really bad work ethic, the product would be Chantal. I can't stop watching. Can't. Stop.

The fabulous Joy Preble said it far better than I ever could: "Chantal scares the pee out of me. I want to drag her to the suburbs & force her to eat at Olive Garden, non-ironically."

Yup, that about sums it up.

2. Stacey took new author pictures of us. They're pretty amazing. The best thing about having your sister take your pictures is that she tells you when you need to suck in your stomach or if you're making that wonky face you always make when you smile. Sadly, the one that best depicts our personality and relationship isn't exactly book jacket friendly.

I'm pretty sure that's how I look almost all of the time (minus the photoshopped hair) which makes me want to laugh and cry at the same time.

3. Laura has decided that our blog tour for The Lies That Bind should be exclusively vlog content. I wasn't on board until she promised that we could make an opening sequence that involved her doing a calypso jump.

4.  I keep debating about whether or not to keep my bangs (or as the fabulous Loretta Nyhan calls them "fringe"). Stacey and Laura are both in favor of them, but I'm worried it's some kind of conspiracy theory. Yes, this is the kind of thing that keeps me up at night.

5. I loved the Newsroom. I don't care if people think it's unrealistic. I'd watch the news way more if it was written by Aaron Sorkin.

6. The Regulator is watching the kids for us over the weekend which involves an overnight stay at my house. I'm kind of terrified. She's never stayed at my house unattended before. What is she going to say about my junk drawer? What if she notices that I haven't cleaned the blades of my fans, EVER? I have Xanax for the plane ride, but I think it will be much more useful to keep Regulator anxiety at bay.

7. Our house is officially ready to go back on the market, sadly I think we're the only people who care. But look how pretty it is! My real truth is that sometimes I don't want to leave...

And feel free to judge me for the ginormous TV. I don't mind. Really. I'm a television whore. TV is a very real priority in my life. Sabrina Soto can take her "no visible TV when selling a house rule" and suck it.

Ok, spill. What's your truth this Tuesday? Tell us everything in the comments.


Unknown said...

If you watch the end of Sabrina's show she almost NEVER sells a house. I personally think its because of the no TV rule ;) (really who can picture themselves in a house w/out the tv?)
You house looks FAB!

Marsha Sigman said...

I'm not sure where to start...

I love that photo of you and Laura, I want to frame it and hang it in my house. Which I wish was YOUR house only not in Ohio.ha

I am also obsessed with Newsroom which my husband hated but I think secretly because they talked fast and he had no idea what they were saying. This amuses me.

Ditto on the TV-Ho but that is one big Television.lol

Amy Lukavics said...


igotmoxie said...

Wow- how have I never seen your blog before? Amazing.
Also- re: Chantal- YES! Other than her appearance, I don't understand her appeal. It makes me so sad....kids...
Also her voice is making me nuts. I keep looking for a creaky cellar door, but I live in an apartment....it's just Chantal intoning about some injustice or another. Booooo.

Krispy said...

Your house looks fab, and I LOVE your author photo outtake! It's so cute, and the colored hair is A+!

Also, I totally love the Newsroom. I think it's hilarious and smart, and of course it's unrealistic - it's TV and it's Aaron Sorkin! No one speaks as wittily as Aaron Sorkin characters in real life! :P

The Regulator said...

You've NEVER cleaned your fan blades? I can deal with the junk drawer but I may have to remedy the fan situation. ;-)

Joy Preble said...

Oh Chantal... here is what I envision at Olive Garden:
Me: It's all you can eat salad and breadsticks.
C: Eat?
Me: There's an endless pasta bowl, too.
C: Eat? Where's my boyfriend Spencer? I think he ate once.
Me: I think there's screw cap Pinot Noir.
C: nooooooooo. Do those servers actually have to, um, wait on people?

And on like that.

Katie - Something to be Found said...

Great. I now have to add Gallery Girls to the DVR. I am sure I will both hate and love you for this.

Your picture -- hilarious!! Just what I needed after a 13-hour drive home from S. Carolina! Is that for real photoshopped??? Nice work Stacey!

Matthew MacNish said...

I miss The Newsroom already. I don't know what I'd do if NFL wasn't going to take over Sundays for the next four months.

Janet Gurtler said...

I love your new picks. And you two should totally have a vlog. You would reach John Green Status! You are that cute!

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