Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The People Behind the Con: Elana Johnson

Honestly, this post should be one sentence long.

Without Elana Johnson there would be no WriteOnCon.

Yes, we have an amazing team who works together to put on this incredible event, but there is never any doubt that our leader is the amazing Elana J. She does EVERYTHING. Seriously. She bosses us when we need bossing. Nudges us when we need nudging. And cries with us when we're so tired we don't think we can load another blog post. And she manages to do it all with a huge smile on her face and endless amounts of generosity and love for her fellow writers.

Our Tuesday Truth: There's no one in this world quite like Elana Johnson and we'd be completely lost without her in our lives.

We're half way through SURRENDER and holy CRAP it's good. It's also the perfect book for us to be reading right now because despite the fact that it's not a sequel, it perfectly re-introduces her world and seemlessly integrates characters from POSSESSION. More on this to come, but we need this you guys, we need this so bad. Sequels are freaking hard! So there you have it, in addition to being an advocate for aspiring writers Elana is also a phenomenal writer. Go buy your copy of POSSESSION and SURRENDER today. You won't regret it.


Bethany Elizabeth said...

Elana Johnson is pretty incredible. :) WriteOnCon is amazing and I'm sure it's a boatload of work - all you ladies are pretty impressive. :)

Jemi Fraser said...

Elana is one of the best parts of the entire bloggy-verse! She's such a sweetie :)

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