Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The People Behind the Con: Carolin Seidenkranz

Remember back in high school when your teacher would announce that for the next three weeks, you'd be working on a project? And that project would account for some ridiculous percentage of your grade and not only that, but you'd be working in *gasp* a GROUP. Or consider Project Runway, when the contestants are placed on a team. They usually whine and cry, someone gets burned by a hot iron or poisonous dye, they throw each other under a bus during judging and at least one person disappears in the middle of the night, dramatically thrown back sheets and hastily sewn together clothes the only evidence of their existence.

Failed high school group projects and Project Runway be damned because there is absolutely no way WriteOnCon 2012 would exist without a very special group of individuals. For the next two days, we'd like to share with you why we absolutely love our group  members.

Meet Carolin Seidenkranz. Instead of seated behind us in one of those butt-numbing chair-desk units, Carolin is time zones away in Germany, reading, writing and forever impressing us with her ridiculous knowledge of things we can't even begin to wrap our collective heads around like revamping forums and archiving threads and creating ninja accounts.

She always has a virtual smile to offer and encouraging words. Carolin is basically the team member everyone is crossing their fingers to get paired with and we feel honored to plan with her. Raise your morning mimosa--CHEERS!

Now if you haven't already done so, go learn something!

1 comment:

Carolin said...

I love you guys, you're awesome. That is all. <3

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