Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The People Behind the Con: Nikki Katz

No one likes getting stuck. Or when something doesn't work the way it should. Or when your WordPress post looks wonky. This is where Nikki Katz comes in. She's the kind of girl who says "Yes" to the questions, "Does anyone know how to fix the messed up looking sidebar on the website?" or "Who can create comment threads in the forums?" So yeah, everyone needs a Nikki around because if we tried to HALF of what she does, all of our brains would explode. And that would be very messy.

We also had the honor of meeting Nikki IN PERSON at ALA in Anaheim. She is just as adorable and sweet as she is online and the entire exchange only confirmed the fact that we must be friends and that WriteOnCon would go down in a ball of flames without her.

And no one wants WriteOnCon to go down in a ball of flames.

Here's to Nikki, Forum-extraordinaire, WordPress-magic-worker, website-fixer and 100% fabulous! As a sidenote, we've also learned that Nikki wants to be a contestant on Survivor. And we think she'd win.

Now stop slacking.

1 comment:

Nikki said...

*blushes - thank you girls!! It was lovely meeting you too. And I think I need to go blue for the 'The Lies That Bind' launch. Because I'm totally digging that color!

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