Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The People Behind the Con: Dustin Hansen

This time last year, Lisa's eyes were burning as she tried to cobble together vlog footage, create an introduction that looked professional and a well-edited video without any editing experience whatsoever. There were also desperate emails sent to me requesting my use of a random program we call the RIPPER that was purchased when Stacey and I created the famous Glee birthday video when Lisa turned 30. Who knew my RIPPER purchase would come in so handy.

Meet Dustin Hansen, aka Saving Grace. Dustin actually knows what he's doing. Don't you just love people who know what they're doing? Dustin has access to incredible editing programs and, oh, I don't know Photoshop instead of Paintbrush and did I mention that he knows what he's doing? He's also the genius behind our Wascot. I can barely do a Google image search and Dustin creates icons! So...yeah...you want this guy on your side.
Here's how Dustin rolls. Lisa and I will joke around about trying to secure Stephen King for WriteOnCon 2012. Everyone will laugh, hee hee, ha ha, good luck and Dustin will non-chalantly mention that he's neighbors with Stephen and that he can totally ask him to support the conference the next time they run into each other taking out the trash. Yup. Welcome videos, vlogs, mascots, exit videos and your all around idea man, Dustin does it all. We would be lost without him and he makes a mean Sticky Chicken. KEEPER.

See you at the conference!

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