Wednesday, December 19, 2012

December 19th

Today I'm thinking of all of the parents. All of the children. All of the brothers and sisters. All of the friends. I'm thinking of an entire community, devastated.

Today I'm thinking of my husband and his brothers who lost their brother 9 years ago. I'm thinking of his parents who lost a son. I'm thinking of my kids and my 4-day-old nephew who were never able to meet their uncle.

I'm thinking that all of this loss, all of this sadness could have been avoided if we lived in a world without guns.

Today I'm going to light a candle to remember them. All of them. And today I'm going to pray that our country figures out a way to put a stop to this violence. Join me?


Dianne K. Salerni said...

I'm with you.
I have seen some mean sentiments and truly horrifying suggestions on social media and on the news. Implying that we "asked" for this because students don't pray at the beginning of the school day. Suggesting that it all could have been stopped if only all the teachers had their own assault rifles. (A US Senator suggested that on the news!)

All this to obscure the obvious: Americans are too fixated on having whatever they want, including weaponry that should never be in the hands of civilians.

I can barely figure out how to work my interactive white board. Do people really want me to keep a handgun in my desk, just in case???

Matthew MacNish said...


Joy Preble said...

Yes. I personally apologize for our Texas politicians, including our governor, who are suggesting that arming teachers is the solution. Yet another lazy, thoughtless faux solution. Plus let's be honest. If you've taught for long enough, you've worked with some crazy, unstable colleagues now and then. The last thing I want to do is put a gun their hand. I agree -- part of it is that everyone seems to have this vast sense of entitlement. Mix that with mental illness and stir in assault weapons that have no civilian purpose and you have tragedy. I'm just so devastated and sad.

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