Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tell the Truth Tuesday

1. I got in a fight with some jackhole on Twitter about Suri's Burnbook. Nobody messes with Suri on my watch.

2. I just sent Laura an email that said, "Follow the outline or die." Yup, you guessed it. We're in the midst of drafting Third Lie's the Charm. Get excited. This book is going to be epic. As long as Laura follows the damn outline.

3. Jack got in trouble with the principal at his school (who just happens to be a 70-year-old nun) for throwing seeds at recess (Yes, really. It's so random.) and now he has to eat lunch with her tomorrow. You'd think he was being sent to be interrogated by Abu Nazir. I seriously had to bite my lip to stop from laughing when he was sobbing on my lap about Sister Linda and eating lunch with her and how she was so scary. Jack: 0 Irrational Catholic fear: 1. I will bet you $100 that I get a call from the school nurse tomorrow saying that Jack isn't feeling well. Good times.

4. I'm in a mood this week. A MOOD. Don't email me or talk to me or send me anything important because I'm feeling super crotchety. Just ask Laura.

5. You guys should bid on this. Good cause, awesome books. Make it happen.

What's your truth this Tuesday? SPILL because I'm in the kind of mood where I'll cut you if you don't.


Matthew MacNish said...

Alicia Keys is married to Swizz Beats? WTF? That makes me so sad.

And I had to open this in Chrome before I could leave a comment. Thanks a lot, Firefox.

Rebecca T. said...

1. I assign presentations the last week of class because I know by then I'm not going to want to actually do any teaching.

2. I just read Planet Tad and totally laughed my head off the whole time.

3. I got yelled at yesterday by a mother at the bookstore where I work because I asked her daughter (very nicely and calmly I might add) not to open a toy package. "SHE HAS ANXIETY SO SHE GETS UPSET WHEN ADULTS TALK TO HER" the mother said. I just looked at her and responded, "I wasn't accusing her of anything, I just asked her not to open the package because she was about to." The mother glared at me and I walked away.

4. I ate about a pound of caramel corn last night. I regret nothing.

5. Almost all my Christmas shopping is done. I bought more for myself than I did for other people *headdesk*

6. This is the first "tell the truth Tuesday" I've read or commented on in about six months and I missed it.

Brooke Zelwin said...

I found out about the Royal Baby via Suri's burn book. To be honest, I get most of my celebrity gossip there.

sari said...

Jackhole is a great word. I can't use it though, because I've already taught my five year old enough bad words and have had to resort to creative censoring, with bribery. He now sounds like he is a character from Fantastic Mr. Fox ("Oh, cuss!") so I shouldn't add anything new to the laundry list of swears, as much as I like it.

Also, I love Suri's Burn Book, with a deep love I used to reserve for Go Fug Yourself. :-)

Steph said...

*I bid an insane amount that made my bestie spit her drink and my husband's eyes pop out of his head on the ebay auction for Megan McCafferty's SLOPPY FIRSTS with handwritten SECRETS ABOUT THE REAL MARCUS FLUTIE. And even with my absurd bid, I was outbid. And I'm irrationally sad about it because I *need* that book.

*I'm supposed to be editing. I'm not.

*I have to be up in 4 hours to get the kids to school, and that makes me really, really sad.

*My two-year-old, Finn, said, "holy balls," today, so clearly, he would be kneeling on peas right now if he went to Jack's school. (Also, I'm not winning any awards for parent-of-the-year.)

Laura S. said...

I went to Catholic school from K through 12th and so I totally commiserate with Jack!! Is he a writer? I'll bet he'll get a terrific spooky story from this incident.

Julia @ That Hapa Chick said...

Oh my gosh that story about Jack is HILARIOUS. I wonder what makes Sister Linda so scary? Haha. I wouldn't doubt that there are some severely cross nuns in the world.... XD

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