Thursday, June 4, 2009


My first thought was to post this and write one word, "wowsers." But upon taking a closer look, I felt inspired to write a short poem--I thought about a Haiku, but couldn't stop the rhymes. Thanks for the inspiration Brit!

Furry shoulders, cowboy hat, what is not to love?
Sparkly glasses, cumber bund, fingerless, fishnet gloves.

Ruffled boy shorts, golden accents, sign me up right now.
Put it all together and all you get is WOW.

I’m sure you sense the sarcasm, it’s laid on pretty thick,
But I guess if anyone can pull this off, it’d have to be our Brit.


Solvang Sherrie said...

Where do you guys find this stuff??!! She looks like a centaur. WTH is coming out of her back side??!!

Lisa and Laura said...

Sherrie, I thought the exact same thing when I saw the pic, only I couldn't remember the techinical term, so I called it a hor-man.

Anyways, this one is all Laura. I have no idea where she digs this crap up, but I do know she has a special, super-secret file on her computer where she accumulates random images throughout the week.


christinefonseca said... it's these little pop moments on your blog that really crack me up!!! THANKS!

Little Ms J said...

Ok, you're not supposed to be able to see her that close up. Show clothes are nuts. You should see some of the costumes and make up that come out of this town! One of my best friends is a showgirl and let's just say that she is not allowed near my face with an eyebrow pencil or any type of lashes and glue. She'll meet me for drinks sometimes after a show and I always have to do a double take from all the makeup and glitter.

Lisa and Laura said...

I thought the object behind her was a pillow with a leather strap. Funny how that didn't make me think twice. But I like the centaur hypothesis MUCH better.

Katie said...

HOLY MACKERAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Katie said...

P.S. love your new identity thing over there that says The Hilton Sisters etc....

You Sillies are too cute! Please come to LA!!!!!!

sraasch said...

Excuse me while I gag a little. That outfit = horrendous.

Little Ms J said...

The object behind her is one of her back up dancers in leather. He's bending forward. I am ashamed to say I know this because I saw the show.