Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Tell The Truth Tuesday

1. I got bangs hoping to look like this:

Instead I look like this:

My hair officially clashes with my face. It also doesn't help that Laura told me I look "fancy." What does that even mean? Nothing good.

2. My neck/shoulder injury is feeling much better. But I think I'll probably still take a muscle relaxer tonight. You know, just in case.

3. We sent the first chunk of a totally new manuscript to our agent and we're terrified. Well, actually I'm terrified and Laura is in this really weird, about to have a baby zen stage. 

4. I am beyond excited to meet my new nephew tomorrow! Stay tuned for pictures as Roecker watch 2011 continues.

5. I've refreshed my email 29 times while writing this blog post. Yeah. So much for relaxing over the holidays....

What's your truth this Tuesday? Spill it.


Kelly Lyman said...

Ha- love the bangs. My tell the truth is that I'd seriously like to ship my 3 year old off for one day and one night. There is no such thing as the terrible twos in this house. It is the terrible threes. The sad part is that he just turned 3 on Halloween, so I have a whole year to get through. I hope this doesn't make me an awful mother for having this feeling!

Jen Daiker said...

Fancy bangs is a nice way of saying you're currently outshining her. She doesn't want you topping her baby delivery... Thank God she's in baby zen stage.

My truth: I'm writing a new YA novel and currently terrified. Trying to learn not to write stories for agents... but write them for myself.

Thank goodness I got this awesome book from these awesome girls to read... *wink*

Katie Anderson said...

Hey Fancy Face, I'm laughing at this post.

Tere Kirkland said...

Truth? I bet your bangs look cute.

Truthfully, I haven't written anything, new or otherwise, in weeks. I have been getting a lot of reading done...

Good luck with the new mss, and the new baby nephew!

Marsha Sigman said...

I'm a little suspicious of the word 'fancy'. hmmmmm

But I have bangs and I look just like that first pic. This illusion helps if you concentrate really hard and stay away from mirrors. Also purse your lips a lot.

I wants to see the baby!!!!! Better post pics as soon as possible! Also I bet the new ms is awesome.

Matthew MacNish said...

I happen to find Rachel attractive. Annoying, but attractive.

Krispy said...

I'm sure you're just in the immediate post-bangs stage when you feel like it's all a huge mistake. I regretted going with straight bangs almost immediately after they were cut, and then I kept flip-flopping on how I felt about them for the first week or two. I think it's just REALLY DIFFERENT so it takes a bit to get used to. Then you can judge. I ended up loving mine and have been rocking the bangs for like a year or two now. :)

TL;DR - your bangs probably look great. Really.

My truth: My brain is already on vacation. It needs to be Wednesday after 5pm already.

Dianne K. Salerni said...

Good luck to Laura tomorrow!!!!

And good luck to you with your bangs. I'm sure they will grow on you. (ha, ha, ha ... ok, please don't judge me on my puns.)

Hayley Lovell said...

I like the bangs, I'm sure they look nice.

My truths, I'm thinking about getting a haircut, I'm getting three new piercings this week nothing bad or racy just my ears mostly, and am still up to my eyeballs in post relationship drama. Yeah it's fun to be in college.

Also there is nothing wrong with refreshing email, I do it constantly.

Kelly Polark said...

Sounds like an exciting holiday for the Roeckers!

I love bang pic number one. I had bangs til I graduated college. I tried them two years ago. I want to try them again to hide my frustration lines on my forehead!

Christa said...

Oh..the baby!! So excited. Also, I am sure your agent will love it. You all are awesome. Finally, here's the good thing about crappy bangs: they STILL hide forehead wrinkles. Just saying.

erica and christy said...

Personally, I find getting bangs to be scarier than having a baby!

And my truth is that I'm secretly hoping to get the stomach flu so I can get out of Thanksgiving dinner with my in-laws. :)

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