Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tell The Truth Tuesday

1. My saddest days are the ones where I fail at doing my day job and being a mom. There's nothing quite as disheartening than working your ass off to be a stellar mom and a kick ass employee and failing miserably at both, on the same day. That thunk you heard wasn't my head hitting the glass ceiling, it was my ass hitting the floor. Hard.

2. When I fall I almost always blame my husband. He's around. He's a man. And he never gets stuck at home with the kids, on a conference call, with a child SCREAMING AT THE TOP OF THEIR LUNGS all afternoon while dinner burns in the oven. Thanks for nothing, Gloria Steinem.

3.  You know what cheers me up? Watching Girls. It's far more entertaining to watch NYC hipsters fail at being adults than to argue with my husband about who should put the kids to bed.

4. I finished A MILLION SUNS over the weekend and holy cow it was AWESOME. If you haven't read Beth Revis's amazing ACROSS THE UNIVERSE series, there's no time like the present. January 2013 can't get here fast enough.

5. I can't stop refreshing our email after sending our revision to our editor on Friday. I'm scared she's going to hate it. I'm scared of copy edits. I'm scared that we're never going to get another email again. Ever.

So that's it. My sad, sad truths this week. Hope you guys have something better to share in the comments and if this post totally bores you, check out the comments in the post below this one. HILARIOUS and awesome. Have I mentioned how much I love our blog friends? You guys rock.


em lord said...

oh girlfriend. i can barely work full-time and write, and i admire you so much for doing both WITH babies! make your husband go grcoery shopping and don't beat yourself up. we all have those days, even those of us with significantly less responsibility. yesterday, i walked around work for two hours before realizing i had yogurt in my hair. and i have no children to blame it on. that's all me, baby.

Matthew MacNish said...

Do you want me to email you? So you can have 0.5 seconds of false hope?

Little Ms J said...


1. I regularly fail at one of my jobs most of the time, so i apparently was fired from my the job of writer. I can't get words on paper and haven't for almost a year.

2. That last one was enough for today.

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