Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tell the Truth Tuesday

1. I've stopped wearing my pink Uggs, but I'm still sort of mad at the world. Or more specifically...Crap, never mind. I'm still on the freaking high road. I will get over this eventually, won't I? Turns out I suck at being the bigger person. I guess that's sort of obvious though.

2. I'm in the middle of a war between parents in my son's preschool classroom about cookies. Ah, the glamourous life of a room mom. It's probably inappropriate for me to tell the crazy woman who wants the entire holiday party to be gluten free, egg free, and dairy free to go screw herself, right? Right.

3. I'm going to see The Fantastic Mr. Fox tonight. And I'm way more excited about it then my son.

4. I still haven't seen any of the Twilight movies. I'm waiting until they come out on HBO so I can watch them with a huge tub of ice cream and snarf at the sparkles in the privacy of my own home. Is that so wrong?

5. I'm thisclose to being done with my Christmas shopping. But I, um, never actually made a list so I'm only 90% sure that I'm almost done. This just reeks of disaster, doesn't it?

6. I still regularly get lost in Cleveland. My sense of direction is that bad. It probably doesn't help that I'm incapable of reading a map. I have to pretend that I'm Joey in that episode of Friends when they're in London for Ross' wedding and he has to make himself a tiny little person inside the map so he can navigate the city. And yes, in case you're wondering, I know how pathetic that sounds.

7. Speaking of Friends, are you watching Cougar Town? I am. (Shocking, I know.) It's actually pretty entertaining. Not as funny as Modern Family, but hilarious in its own rite. Plus Noel Crane just did a guest spot last week and totally reminded me of why I was on Team Noel in the first place. Bliss.

8. I really wanted to get to 10 things, but I want to finish When You Reach Me more....So, you tell me: What's your truth this Tuesday?


MeganRebekah said...

I still haven't seen Cougar Town yet, but have heard good things.

And I LOL'd at this line - "snarf at the sparkles in the privacy of my own home"

My little sister and I snarfed in the theater. So many part were unintentionally comical. Our cousin had to lean over and ask if this was supposed to be a comedy because we couldn't stop giggling -- especially at the sparkles and overdone declarations of undying love.

Kelly Lyman said...

My truth is that I'm not finished my Christmas shopping either and I don't really care. Oops. I basically have my husbands family left to do and he hasn't given me any ideas. I don't feel like I should be the one to walk around the mall, spending hours I really don't have, looking for that perfect gift for his aunt.
Also, my son's preschool party is tomorrow. The kids are performing a concert for the parents before the party. I really want to go to the party and leave. It's not that I don't like or get along with the other Moms, I just can't stand to be in a room with thirteen 3 year olds, running around and on a sugar high. Is that so wrong?

Unknown said...

LOVE number 6 - that's soo me too, several friends say I get lost coming out of a paper bag...it's bad, and to read a map yep, that's not happening either! :)

Kim Harrington said...

I was sooooo Team Noel back in the day. Scott Foley's the best thing to happen to Cougar Town!

Katie Anderson said...

I loathe Cougar Town because it feels "forced."

But I also hate the fact that I looked for things like forcedness now in TV shows. Shame on me!

I think Fantastic Mr. Fox looks dumb.

I'm not sure if I've finished Christmas shopping - there's always one more thing I wanna get.

(*wait* maybe I'm the one who needs those pink Uggs for grouchiness?)

*attitude adjustment*

I'm reading Yummy Mummy and liking it so far.

I have nothing to do but wait for edits, so I'm living at the gym.

I'm excited about my lunch date with my daughter

And I flat adore Skype!!!!

That's all :-)

P.S. Stay on the high road Lisa Lisa - it looks better on you :-)

storyqueen said...

I have no idea if I'm done with my shopping or not. and I don't remember where I hid the stuff either.


Corey Schwartz said...

I can't top any of those.

I wish I could cancel my cleaning lady for today. I don't want to spend an hour picking up toys, so she can vacuum the floor. Does that make me sound terribly spoiled ?

Anissa said...

I never make a Christmas list. Brain don't fail me now!

Keep your chin up, girlfriend.

Shannon O'Donnell said...

I can't find the gift I bought for my husband - the only thing he asked for, the thing he's been hinting of for almost a year, his Christmas wish!!! Help! ;-)

Anonymous said...

My son's allergic to eggs and dairy and corn (and sensitive to gluten). It sucks. Two letters: ER. Plus, do you know how many things are made with corn syrup nowadays? Gah!

That said, we try to be mellow about it and just make sure he has gluten- and egg-free treats around when everyone else gets candy. Being militant and trying to impose our son's dietary restrictions on a whole classroom is ludicrous.

Kerri Cuev said...

I love tell the truth Tueday's it is like an invitation to rant lol!

Did anyone see SNL? The sparkle comment made me laugh and think of SNL. They did a skit with two girls one team Edward the other team Jacob. They go...well at least Jacob dosen't sparkle like a princesses tiara. I was dying!!

My truth is my hubby thinks it is funny to call me a cougar. I had no clue what he was talking about until that show came out. I felt like a blonde :0

Unknown said...

My truth? I have no idea what Cougar town is. Actually, most references to the television (unless it's happening on playhouse Disney) are lost on me. Sad, I know.

Love your post as always!

Courtney Barr - The Southern Princess said...

LOVE Cougar Town. My husband and I cannot get over the people that she is surrounded by. I mean in a way its like what I imagine Monica would have been like as a cougar...though there was that episode from FRIENDS with young Ethan...yeah she definitely would have been like Jules.

I still have no idea what Jersey Shore is....

Little Ms J said...

My Tuesday Truths:

1. I have a super hard time being responsible prior to 10 a.m.

2. I suck in my stomach a lot.

3. My voice becomes high pitched when my ex boyfriend shows up in my office and I don't know how to moderate my tone. I either act really bitchy or really high (he works on my floor).

4. I want to main line some carbs, but I can't have any more pics of me opening presents on Christmas day with muffin top.


Artemis Grey said...

1) I'm eating a Slim Jim beef and cheese. And I'm loving it!

2) I'm still writing this from a barn floor

3) I'm feeling ultra-high-dramatic because I'm waiting to hear from agents and I've hit a point where I'm convince I will never be published unless I a) kill someone and get sent to death row where I write a bad book that says nothing important but hey I'm on death row. b) get famous some other way and write a book on how you too can become famous for nothing important. c) run for a political office, do a bad job and then write a book about how the entire world is against me.

4) The above is harsh and dramatic but then I'm feeling ultra-high-dramatic at the moment

5) I know I WILL get published.

6) I also know it won't happen when I want it to

7) I have a ridiculous fear that I'll get an agent and a book deal but my book will be due 2012 and then the world REALLY WILL END and I'll be like "NO I'm not ready to die because my farking book hasn't hit shelves yet damn you!"

8) I think if I told more people about number 7, lots of nice men in white coats would show up and take me away. :)

9) I love 'Tell the Truth Tuesdays' because they make me laugh, most of the time.

10) I still can't tell my 'GIANT' secret yet. Dec 23 is the day ya'll

Kristen Torres-Toro said...

I'm loving "Modern Family"! And "The Middle"! Both are really funny!

My truth--I'm really tired right now.

Christina Lee said...

ughh I have no room mom or PTA in me (I never volunteer for anything- isn't that terrible?)please tell her to go screw herself for me :)

Stephanie Thornton said...

If it makes you feel better I haven't read any Harry Potter books or seen most of the movies. I'm waiting to read them with my daughter. And I still think the Twilight books were better than the movies.

And the cookie lady sounds crazy. Cookies are supposed to be yummy, not cardboard. Sigh.

Natalie said...

I hate school mom drama! Your cookie lady sounds nuts. My truth for today is that I hate being an art mom. The projects stress me out. Getting 28 kindergartners to not mix red and green paint is nearly impossible. I never could have been a real teacher.

Kim said...

What?!? They're letting you have tree nuts, though? Are these people not aware that tree nuts are Satan's candy?!?!

I DVR Cougar Town, but I just can't get into it. If it didn't have CoCo in it, I wouldn't be interested at all. The name of the show bugs the crap out of me.

I have no motivation to finish Christmas shopping. I'm just not feeling it this year.

My confession: My 4 way carpool mates send me a zillion emails about who's driving when through the year 2025, and I never read them. I wait until the morning and rotate shooting an email to one of them asking who's driving that day.

Frankie Diane Mallis said...

LOL oh no! My truth is that I will one day be a gluten free egg free dairy free cookie mom (don't throw food at me) BUT....I'd never suggest that the entire party be that way--I'd just make my own batch of cookies for my kid. Some crazies give us a bad name--I swear some of us are normal!!

sunna said...

I would totally want to snarf at the sparkles in private too.

My truth: I think I broke my car. I am not telling my husband this; I am merely saying that it appears to be broken. But I now know that attempting to clean big chunks of ice off the windshield by putting the wipers on high is ...not a good thing.

Here's hoping he doesn't stalk my blog comments. :)

Suzanne Young said...

I used to love writing on a deadline until I ran out of things to say.

I need to lose five pounds before the NYC conference but it's winter! I must eat to stay warm!!

It's Christmas time and for me that really only means one thing--I miss my Grandma.

I read your blog for my dose of entertainment because not every single post is about Tiger Woods.


Danyelle L. said...

*hugs* The high road isn't the easiest or funnest, but you're awesome for taking it. :D

My truth? We really need to START our Christmas shopping. >.<

*silver lining cookies*

Hardygirl said...

I LOVED When You Reach Me!!!!

I think Courtney Cox is trying too hard in Cougar Town, but I love some of the other characters (especially that ex-husband of hers . . . I think I dated him).

I wish I lived close to Cleveland so I could join you in the snarf fest. The first Twilight movie was hilarious!! Total snarf fest--the second one, not so much. They lost that B-grade movie feel, but it has some snarf-worthy moments.

Hmm. Tell the truth? I wish Christmas were still a month away, so my kids would be in school a few more weeks so I could work on my book. And enjoy a house with no whine.


Shannon Messenger said...

Okay, I love your truths, especially number 4 and number six. I did giggle almost the entire time in New Moon, and kept taking out my phone to tweet my observations, so I'm fairly certain everyone in that theater hated me. Eh well. :)

And my truths?


1. I've been really busy with revisions, so I've been blurking more than I've been commenting.

2. I totally stole the word blurking from Sarah at Sarah with a chance

3. I'm totally out of interesting truths because I had to do 7 today over at my blog.


Loretta Nyhan said...

Um, I was so excited to learn you ditched the Uggs that the rest of the blog was a blur...

Jill Kemerer said...

Ah, the joys of room parenting. How many days left?

I got lost years ago near downtown--I'm thinking it was Lakewood--trying to find a bakery that sold candy supplies.

How's the Strongsville Mall? We liked to go there when it was still newish, but now I live too far away.

Have fun watching Mr. Fox!

Rebecca Knight said...

"7) I have a ridiculous fear that I'll get an agent and a book deal but my book will be due 2012 and then the world REALLY WILL END and I'll be like "NO I'm not ready to die because my farking book hasn't hit shelves yet damn you!"

A. Grey, this killed me :D! I could so see this happening, and laughed out loud over here, because it's just so wrong. Love. It.

My truth this week is that I saw someone wearing uggs and thought "Oh, man. Those look really warm :)." SCARY! I shouldn't be having ugg lust.

I blame you, Lisa.

Ian said...

Following along from a recommendation from a blogger friend of mine.

Am I the only guy on here?




Elana Johnson said...

I so need to watch Modern Family. I've heard it's great, and I still haven't done it yet. So much going on, I guess.

Dara said...

I would tell that woman in your son's preschool class that some students don't have allergies to everything and don't want to eat bland crap.

Or I would say I wasn't making cookies, but secretly make the good ones for my own kid :P Yeah, I'm that way.

My truths this Tuesday:

1)I much prefer Christmas shopping--or any shopping--without having the husband along. It's less stressful and I'm not as rushed.

2) I'm a completely different person when I'm driving. If no one is in the car, I unleash a torrent of curse words that would make a sailor blush. I'm not proud of this...but it's something I've realized this especially this past weekend fighting mall traffic.

3) I sometimes answer my cell phone like it's the phone here at work...I answer phones all day so it's hard for me to break that habit of speaking the same sentence everytime I answer any phone.

Kristi Faith said...

1) Have not seen any Twilight movies and don't plan on it unless someone forces me to.

2) I'm really irritated that my kids' school doesn't allow sugar treats for their Christmas party. Come on!! It's CHRISTMAS!

Donna Gambale said...

1. You made a Friends reference about Joey stepping into his map. Thus I love you even more and am a permanent devoted follower.
2. I have to say, I enjoy public sparkle snarfing. Especially with shrieking tweens everywhere giving me dirty looks. Though I do miss the tub of ice cream.
3. Give me the address of the crazy woman. I'll take care of it.
4. Cougar Town is funny in the way Samantha Who? was funny. Thumbs up! And I haven't seen Modern Family either.
5. My truth: I have a head cold and fever, and I'd love to whine about it, but I hate people who whine when they're sick. Stupid hypocrisy.

Joanna said...

I have not seen the Godfather--everyone jumps down my throat about that, especially since I'm Italian AND grew up in the movie business. Geeeeez-so I haven't seen it? Sue me.

Rachele Alpine said...

Sometimes when I'm at the grocery store I'll decide I don't want an item. Instead of putting it back where it belongs, I'll slip it somewhere else. Ohhhh...I'm such a rebel!

ali cross said...

You had me at #'s 1 & 2. FUH.NEE :D

My truth? Hmm. Umm. Hmm.

I wish *I* had a pair of pink Uggs. Can I borrow yours?

Conda Douglas said...

My truth? I'm so tired from a hectic, stressful weekend that getting back to "write" mode is hard this Tuesday.

And control freak moms are the worst! (And I'm allergic to milk and know kids with serious allergies--but you don't impose restrictions on the entire group for a PARTY!)

Shelli (srjohannes) said...

Im the room mom too- we had a lady complain about cupcakes saying they were not kosher. I had no idea her daughter needed kosher!

so i said..."oh yeah? you will eat it and you will like it! Is that kosher with you?"

i know that was bad! ;)

Jemi Fraser said...

Yikes! Cookie wars - I probably shouldn't be laughing, should I?

My truth: I haven't read or seen any of the Twilight series yet. I have the first 2 books in my classroom, but just haven't started yet.

Daisy Whitney said...

I'm glad you ditched the Uggs!!!

Hayley Lovell said...

On number four, you shouldn't feel bad if you need to laugh at the theater, course spending the ten bucks a ticket is over priced. But my friends and I went to see it and made fun of it the whole time. Trust me the wait will be worth it, you will have a nice time laughing. There is a lot to laugh about.

Tricia J. O'Brien said...

I'm late to this party. I've decided to sit in the corner and eat my cookie and be quiet.

Eva said...

I'm sitting in the corner quietly too since I'm late, but....


Okay. I'm done and back in the corner.

Kelly H-Y said...

Oh my goodness ... you poor thing. That whole school thing ... oh my! LOVE Modern Family and Cougar Town!

XiXi said...

It's okay that you haven't seen the Twilight movies. The only reason my friends and I went was so we could laugh all the way through.

Which we did. Minus the parts with Taylor Lautner shirtless, where we admired his amazing musculature. But other than that - you're not missing out. The acting is pretty stale.


I was Team Ben the first go around ... until the end of season 4, when I flopped sides b/c Ben was just a flippin' jerk. And then when I rewatched it, I got so confused that I just didn't know anymore. Loved that show, damn it. Bad Felicity hair and all. And that's my truth.

Kimberly Franklin said...

First of all, Cougar Town = pure awesomness!!!

Secondly, it's funny that you bring up Noel Crane (sigh). I know he was on Cougar Town the other day, but it's so hard for me to picture him outside of his 'Noel Crane' role. I ordered the whole Felicity series off Netflix. And, Felicity = even more pure awesomness!!!

Love your blog! : )

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