Friday, January 9, 2009

Friday Nights will never be the same...

Tonight was the last episode of Lipstick Jungle, and I am sad. I mean how can I go on not knowing whether Nico chooses the young hottie (Kirby should never wear a shirt. Never.) or her gorgeous older boss (I'm rooting for the boss. Unfortunately for Kirby it's frowned upon to go shirtless all of the time, and that gave the hot boss the edge. Sorry, but Kirby doesn't bring that much to the table when he's fully clothed.).

It was truly an undignified end for this surprisingly entertaining show. They did this pathetic little clip show to wrap up the episode in a completely botched attempt to provide closure. It was just a random montage of scenes from past shows, that only served to remind me how fabulously the women dressed and the fact that Nico wears WAY too much eye make-up. I'm totally unsatisfied. Damn you NBC.

Fortunately, there were two silver linings...

  1. It turns out that Victory Ford is from Chagrin Falls, OH. Oh Victory, do you realize that Chagrin Falls is in the running for locations for our next house? It's official, Chagrin Falls just took the #1 spot for future house hunting tonight. They should seriously hang a plaque or something.
  2. Friday Night Lights starts next week! FNL is one of my fave shows and it's been killing me that those bastards with DirectTv have been enjoying episodes all Fall, and I've been totally deprived of my Tim Riggins. And for the record, Tim Riggins is WAY hotter than Kirby. I've said it once, and I'll say it again, if it was even remotely appropriate for a woman my age, I'd have posters of him all over our house. Or maybe just in my locker at the gym. How funny would that be? Anyways, I'll sacrifice the Jungle for FNL any day of the week.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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Jenna said...

Hello! I just found your comment about Chagrin Falls searching online sicne I heard it was used in the show, Lipstick Jungle. I've grown up in Chagrin and would definitely like to raise my kids there. It is a really quaint town with great schools so if you're serious about looking for your next house, Chagrin Falls is a good choice!