Sunday, January 25, 2009

Random Rant on Angelina Jolie

I really, really dislike Angelina Jolie. I actually always have. Sure she's drop-dead gorgeous, but there's always something about her that I just don't like. I've never really been able to put my finger on it. For a while I thought it might have something to do with her making out with her brother (weird) or perhaps because she carried around a vile of Billy Bob Thornton's blood for a few years (really, really weird), but to be honest, I sort of felt guilty for hating her because she actually does do a lot of amazing charity work.

I saw a quick interview with her on the Red Carpet tonight and I finally figured out what bugs me about Angelina. OK, full disclosure, the interviewer was Giulianna Dipandi (Rancic?) who I think we can all agree is one of the most malnourished, annoying creatures on the planet. She asked completely ridiculous questions like "how do you choose your dresses for award shows?" and "what has Brad taught you?"

Angelina had this saccharine smile on her face the whole time and there were a few nail biting moments where I thought she might punch Giulianna, which would have been AWESOME and maybe made me hate her a little less. But instead of doing something badass and real she acted like she was too cool for school. No self-deprecation, no laughter about the randomness of award shows. Nothing remotely likable about her. Instead she did her usual, I'm SO above all this celebrity bullshit, you should be grateful that you are in my hallowed presence routine.

Ugh. I just can't stand people that take themselves too seriously. Life is short, don't be afraid to make fun of yourself every once in a while. And for God's sake, you're an actress who has been nominated for zillions of awards and you've even got an Oscar (or two) sitting on your mantle. Can't you just pretend to be like Giulianna for a night? Or ACT like a normal person? Seriously.

You do some amazing things with your time and money, but Mother Theresa you are not.

End rant.


Jen said...

I completely agree with your take on Angelina. That interview was painful to watch. She is so full of herself, it is unreal!

Lisa and Laura said...

Welcome, Jen! I'm so glad I'm not alone on my Angelina stance. I know a lot of people love her, but ugh. She bugs.

Jill Wheeler said...

I liked her when she was younger, like in GIRL, INTERRUPTED and FOXFIRE. But I stopped liking her when she made off with another woman's husband.

slhastings said...

She was a helluva lot more entertaining when she did those crazy things...

Polly and Meek said...

She is quite confident, but the whole Brad Pitt thing is what throws me off from liking her.


Lisa and Laura said...

Jill - I loved her in Girl, Interrupted too. And I'll even admit to watching (and liking) Mr. and Mrs. Smith. I mean, clearly those two have serious chemistry together.

Sam - I'm with you. I can appreciate crazy. Crazy is entertaining. It's the whole holier than thou attitude that bugs me. That's just no fun.

Polly and Meek - How fun to have sisters/writing partners stop by! Welcome! As for the whole Brad's like she has some sort of power over men, isn't it? He just comes off so weak in the whole situation.