Saturday, November 6, 2010

Across the Universe

Good morning Across the Universe-ers! Welcome to Lila Land where everything is a little delayed...totally on purpose, of course.

If you haven't heard, Beth Revis, incredible author of ACROSS THE UNIVERSE (Penguin/Razorbill, January 11, 2011) has put together the most epic journey of all time. Authors have gathered on her blog and are sharing their own personal adventure stories.

Now here's where YOU come in. Go to Beth's website and search for the hidden link--LOOK for it and you'll SEE it. Visit Beth's blog everyday to pick up your clue and eventually unscramble the entire secret password for a chance to WIN! Not only will you win advanced secrets about Beth's incredible book (yep, we've read it, and we have no words. NO WORDS. It's that good), but you'll be entered to win a doodled ARC of ACROSS THE UNIVERSE and other swag--in addition to a MAJOR prize to be announced!!! How cool is that?

Anyway, we hope you're enjoying your trip so far. Your clue for today is...


See you tomorrow where we swear we'll be more punctual.


Shannon O'Donnell said...

Thanks for the "H" ladies! :-)

Sara B. Larson said...

I just read this one a week ago. And WOW. Yeah. Wow. Wanna talk about it? 'Cause, I'm dying to! ;)

Michelle said...

H ... hhhhh

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