Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Just a couple of quitters...

REVOLUTION by Jennifer Donnelly makes us want to throw in the towel. We're not sure if we're ever coming back. You can thank Jennifer. She's that good.

More on this time...must finish reading for book club tomorrow night.

In the meantime, what book have you read recently that was so good you wanted to give up writing forever?

If you're missing your LiLa fix (and really, who isn't?) go check out our interview with the amazing Kerri Cuevas!  And be sure to check out the rest of her amazing posts while you're over there!


Rachele Alpine said...

I LOOOOOVE REVOLUTION! I"m on page 346 right now and an unexpected two hour delay from school should give me enough time to finish it for book club. This book is amazing...I want to get it done, but I don't want it to end!

salarsenッ said...

There are so many awesome stories out there. My latest was Paranormalcy. 'Nuf said. I do, however, try and find personal inspiration in such success. If they can do it, why can't we? Hard work, dedication, and maybe a little crazy in the brain...and we're there.

You two are awesome! Can't wait to read more.

Christine Fonseca said...

Man I get that feeling - hanging out with you guys and yea...I get that feeling. Daily!

Anonymous said...

Revolution was one, because the MC isn't all that different from my MC.

Also Jane by April Lndner was so good that I consider it to have done it all....

B.E. Sanderson said...

I haven't read Revolution yet. For me, it was Feed by Mira Grant (aka Seanan McGuire). Man, that gal can write. Made me want to get down on my knees and do the whole "I'm not worthy" thing ala Wayne's World.

Kerri C at CK Farm said...

Graceling! Yup throwing in the towel LOL!

storyqueen said...

Book Thief.

Why do I even bother?


lotusgirl said...

So many good books. Towel has been thrown in repeatedly and then doggedly picked back up and thrown out.

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak, Paper Towns by John Green, Leviathan and Behemoth by Scott Westerfeld, The Blue Sword by Robin McKinley, The Hunger Games Trilogy by Suzanne Collins, Girl in Translation by Jean Kwok, and even The First Five Pages by Noah Lukeman.

These are just the recent ones. Oi. So many good books out there. Why do I even keep trying, and yet... I still aspire.

Karen Akins said...

The Chosen One by Carol Lynch Williams. I read it in one sitting, closed it, and said, "I will never rivet a reader like that."

Lola Sharp said...

I agree...that book is tremendous. Dude, the research she must've done...impressive. I'm way too lazy for that.

Steph said...

The Sky is Everywhere did that for me. So, so beautifully written!

Matthew Rush said...

The Road, by Cormac McCarthy. The man writes poetry that is the length of novels.

And no wonder your posts are going crazy lately!

Claire Dawn said...

Some Girls Are by Courtney Summers


Before I Die by Jenny Downham

Adriana said...

I'm so excited to get started on Revolution! I'm glad it's that good! But stop writing yet because you can't just leave us with one Liar Society. :D
I'm not a writer, unfortunately, but if I was I would have to agree with The Book Thief, just because of how much emotion went on reading that book.

Adriana said...

*don't stop

Tricia J. O'Brien said...

Love, love, love REVOLUTION. But Jennifer made me want to write better and brought me back from the ledge of Quit. I've been having trouble going on after a setback, but after reading a couple of excellent books, I want to try harder. Maybe it's wishful thinking but I gotta go with the spark. :D

Carolina Valdez Miller said...

Well then. Must now pick up REVOLUTION.


Don't stop.

You're awesome.

That's all.

Jill Hathaway said...

THE SKY IS EVERYWHERE, but you already knew that.

BUMPED is also excellent... having a contest for the ARC on my blog right now.

Carrie said...

Just finished Dreaming Anastasia by Joy Preble.

I've been looking forward to reading Revolution but will save it until December when NaNoWriMo is over.

Donea Lee said...

What books make me want to throw in the towel...ummm..ALL of them? :) I feel so unworthy on a daily basis... *singing in my head "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming*

I love the Goose Girl series by Shannon Hale. The writing is so smooth and lyrical. Love it!

Jen Daiker said...

Seriously, I don't have time to list my favorites. I would say there are moments I sit in awe, re-reading the words written on the pages of those I admire. Still in shock that one day my name will sit next to them.

No. It won't have the same meaning. But my work will actually sit next to people I've looked up to for so long.

Krispy said...

Ooh, just came across Revolution yesterday, and I definitely am intrigued!

Most recently, The Replacement made me want to quit. I also just read my friend's MFA thesis, and let me tell you, I wish I was that good.

school_of_tyrannus said...

The Book Thief

Sara B. Larson said...

Wow, it must be amazing! I better go check it out.

Corey Schwartz said...

I just finished the Hunger Games trilogy. What on earth can be a compelling read after that?

Marsha Sigman said...

Pretty much every freakin' book this year has made me want to hurl in envy and never leave the comfort of my bed.

I'm just too narcissistic for these bouts to last long though.
Or is it bi-polar?

Stina Lindenblatt said...

Hmmm. Maybe I'll just skip that book. That's the same reason why it took me forever to read The Hunger Games. I was afraid I would see just how pathetic a writer I was.

Lisa Schroeder said...

OMG, I know. Wasn't it just so good? I think I still liked A NORTHERN LIGHT better, but I really loved REVOLUTION too.

I also borrowed an ARC of Delerium and same thing - I thought, I should just quit now.

Joanne Fritz said...

Ah, so many books do that to me. THE CHOSEN ONE by Carol Lynch-Williams (mentioned above by Karen), THE BOOK THIEF, mentioned by several others, and BEFORE I FALL, by Lauren Oliver are the first that come to mind.

I'll never write that well...

But please don't quit. If LIAR SOCIETY is even half as much fun as your blog, it'll be wonderful.

Jessica Love said...

I have Revolution on my shelf. I'm excited to get to it.

For me it was Anna and the French Kiss. I'm trying to write a romantic contemporary and when I closed that book I thought, why bother? She did it perfectly. *sigh*

Raven said...

Fall For Anything by Courtney Summers.

That book blew me away, and I write contemporary YA, and I adore Some Girls Are and Cracked Up To Be, but Fall For Anything was simply amazing. So amazing that once I finished it, I wanted to delete my WIP and throw in the towel. lol.

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Kaylie said...

I've read Northern, but I so want to read her new one. I hear it's even better.

Lydia Sharp said...

I was really glad to see this post because I felt the exact same way when I first started reading REVOLUTION. But now that the initial shock/amazement has worn off, it just makes me want to be a better writer. Keep writing, girls!

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