Monday, October 20, 2008

Happy Belated Birthday!

Finally, finally my birthday post for Lisa has come to fruition--thanks to my computer savvy sister Stacey who changed the .pdf to a .jpg. Yay!

I am posting to prove that 18 isn't all it's cracked up to be. This, too, calls for bullets.

  • I'll take skinny jeans over an S&M inspired dress/shoes and panty hose any day.

  • Even though your super-cute leather tote has diapers, toys, and gummies stuck to the lining, I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say it's cuter than that dainty black purse (is that velvet?) held with pride in the picture above.
  • 30-year-old gals can afford professional eyebrow waxings--this one's gonna cost me. I'm sure Lisa is uploading a pic of my caterpillar brows that curled up on the ends as we speak.

  • Even a low pony tail or hair that hasn't been washed looks better than an up-do.

  • Your 18-year-old self never had the chance to say, "Jack Michael, if you hammer hammer Mia one more time, no snack at the gym."

  • And finally...if your 18-year-old self knew just how good she could look after two kids, one husband, sleepless nights, countless time outs, breaking up fights, etc., maybe mom would have been a grandma a lot sooner!
  • Happy 30th Birthday!


    lisa and laura said...

    Payback is a bitch, Laura. You just wait to see what I come up with...

    And for the record, I was going to prom with Peter Zappola when this pic was taken. It also looks like I was in need of some sort of blood transfusion? Did they not have self-tanner in 1995?

    Anyways, hope you got a good laugh out of this because this is war...

    lisa and laura said...

    And P.S. That dress was totally inspired by the one that Demi Moore wore in "Indecent Proposal." I remember making a concious decision about that when I made the purchase. Awesome.

    Tara said...

    Let the games begin!

    JESSJORDAN said...

    updos are sooooo 90s! :)

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