Thursday, May 7, 2009

The baack.

Ahh…jumpsuits. My dad learned the hard way one Christmas in the early eighties. The jumpsuit may sound like the perfect gift—the gift that keeps on giving and giving, but I assure you, it is not, not, not a good look.

Jumpsuits, catsuits, fabric as far as the eye can see.
But jumpsuit plus a visible bra? Fashion no-no of the third degree.

And Kelly, yeah, you avoided the jumpsuit hot seat,
but you’re short, hem those jeans, they look like they ate your feet.

You’re really pretty and skinny and flawless and tall.
But sequins? Slouchy saddlebag pockets? Big, fat fashion recall.

Oh Heidi. A stone-washed short-suit and grizzly-looking husband? Why?
What’s next? Overalls? A perm? A man’s suit and tie?

Tyra, nice try breaking up your denim for miles with flimsy khaki.
Your ridiculous self-esteem and one-piece suit are just plain tacky.

Wowsers Kate, I usually scoff at your weight or lack thereof.
But slouchy, belted, pocket-breasted Capri-suit? I do not love.

And in case you need additional proof, maybe a little bit more,
I dug deep, slapped one on my daughter and even my one-year-old looks unsure. Princess crown, yes, jumpsuit, no.


lisa and laura said...

Oh my gosh, this is hilarious. I was reading this and laughing and the kids kept asking what was so funny. It was the final pic of Lydia that really got me.

Katie Anderson said...

Lydia is the cutest babe eva! And let me just alert you to the fact that I, Katie Anderson, have bought a blue jumpsuit or "romper" as the saleslady put it - to wear to the big par-tay in LA!!!!!!

YES I did. And it is HOT. oh damn. At least I thought it was...

So I will have to shoot you some pics. lol

lisa and laura said...

OMG - Katie - we need pics of you in said romper ASAP. If you love it, I'm sure it's fabulous! I'm so impressed with your avante garde fashion choices. You're like the Diane Kruger of Mississippi.

Laura - We might need to suck it up and buy our tickets to LA to witness this fashion in person.

Tess said...

Surely you don't mean my red Calvin Klein jumpsuit with the zipper down the front (so I can zip it *just* low enough to be uber sexy - but not skanky) is uncool????


lisa and laura said...

Tess - Keep in mind that we live in Cleveland and we're about 10 years behind all the real fashion trends...

And yes, we want a pic of you in your romper too. We can start a gallery of jumpsuits done right!

Sherrie Petersen said...

You are too funny!

But you're right. The baby wears it much better than the adults :^)

Sara Raasch said...

Awe, baby is precious, even in a jumpsuit :)

Traci said...

OMG!! LOL!!! Love the fashion posts!! :-) You guys are the Joan and Melissa of blogworld. Whoever asked for the 80's to come back? NOOOO!!!!

Word ver: waddi - what one might look like in a jumpsuit.

Hardygirl said...

I will definitely go and investigate the romper and give you a full report. Katie may be the ONE person who can pull it off. We'll see . . .


lisa and laura said...

SF - Katie is totally going to pull it off and it's actually sort of infuriating. Trust me when I say that if I attempted this look, I would look like a very large 3rd grader.

Tess said...

That was a joke y'all. I'm a middle america 40 year old mom of three -- a Calvin Klein red zippered jumsuit would be *scary*

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