Saturday, May 16, 2009

P.S. I Love You

This was originally going to be a post about books and the movie versions of books and how the movie version usually sucks (I watched The Nanny Diaries last night, so this is sort of the weekend of books-turned-movies for me). I was going to compare and contrast two movies-turned-books and it was going to be very smart and pithy. Ok, am I ever smart and pithy? Probably not. No wonder this whole thing went off the rails.

But then I watched P.S. I Love You and I sort of fell in love. I read the book a few years ago, so I remembered the gist of the story, but I didn't really love it. And when I saw the book was being made into a movie I remember thinking "meh," especially because I really don't like Hillary Swank. It all goes back to her being in that movie about being an inner city school teacher when in reality she doesn't even have her high school diploma, that just bugs.

Anyways, tonight I randomly stumbled across P.S. I Love You on cable and figured I'd give it a shot. I sort of wanted to hate it (mostly so I'd be able to maintain my eternal disdain for all things Swank), but I loved it. Really, really loved it. The writers stayed true to the book much of the time, but all of the changes they did make created a more powerful story.

And Gerard Butler...he's just...dreamy. I'd always kind of wondered what all the fuss was about, but *ahem* now I know.

This movie makes me want to go to Ireland and get lost, and you know what? The book didn't do that. It was entertaining and moving and funny and beautiful and I kept rewinding and watching this scene. It just makes me happy and it makes me remember what it's like to fall in love for the first time.


While I typically have a bias against the big screen versions of books, this was a very rare exception. Well played, Swank. Do you see how she mocks me from the movie poster?

Do you guys have any movies that you prefer to their book versions? If so, I'd love to hear...or if you just want to discuss Gerard Butler's general dreaminess, I'm up for that too.


Alea said...

My one movie over book would be The Devil Wears Prada! :)

Eva said...

Oh, dreamy is the right word. Gerard is hot and dreamy for sure! I love the movie too. I didn't read the book though....

Anonymous said...

We can talk about Gerard's dreaminess ANYTIME (lol). I really can't think of any movie I have prefered over the book. I try really hard to keep an open mind with movies - and not compare the movie and book to each other. Whenever I make comparisons, I am disappointed. So, I keep them seperate in my head, and appreciate each one for their own merits (usually).

Danyelle L. said...

Confession for the Day: Prince Caspian. Even though the movie diverged nearly completely from the book, I liked the movie better. (What's there not to love about a rodent that can tie up a cat?)

Traci said...

Gerard Butler is the hottest guy EVER! I saw that movie when I was in England...I love it too. I cried buckets!

Hardygirl said...

Oh my! I can't wait to see this one--and I share your disdain for all things Swank. Did you see the episode of The Office where they were debating whether or not she was "hot"?

And, books to movie . . . hmm. I haven't read Nick and Nora's Infinite playlist, but I saw the movie last night and LOVED it. Liked the movie and book for Atonement equally.


Little Ms J said...

I heart Gerard Butler. I hated 300, but watched it three times to look at his abs and his sex scene with his wife before he goes away to war. Reee-diculous.

My girlfriend has his email address and we've been fighting over who he's going to marry. Our husbands reminded us of our wedding certs. Sigh. Details. Details.

Sara Raasch said...

I HATED the Lord of the Rings trilogy books. Hated them. I only made it halfway through The Two Towers. But I'd started reading them because I adored the movies so much. The movies definitely outshone the books.

lisa and laura said...

Alea - I can totally see the Devil Wears Prada fitting into that category. Although I have to admit, I liked the book too.

Eva - I keep watching that clip of him singing to her in the bar over and over and over again. It's becoming sort of an obsession. That can't be good.

Christine - I can't believe that I've been missing out on Gerard all this time. It's disturbing. And I like you're philosophy of putting books and movies into separate categories, although I'm not sure I have the discipline. I love comparing the two.

Danyelle - Ha! I love that this is brining out guilty confessions.

LitGirl - I'm seriously thinking of stalking him. Is that wrong?

SF - I love that you hate Swank too! And that episode of the office cracked me up. Did you see the finale?? SO cute. Ooh, and I loved Nick and Norah too. But I haven't read the book.

LMJ - 300 has always scared me, but I might have to suck it up just to watch Gerard in action. Is it so wrong that I want him to serenade me in an Irish pub and that in my fantasy I definitely don't have kids because my stomach is perfectly flat? Yeah, it probably is, but whatev.

Sara - I SO agree with you on LOTR. I tried reading one of those books and I honestly felt like it was in a different language. I never even bothered with the movies because I was so turned off by the books. Just not my thing.

Traci said...

No,'s not wrong at all! Can I come? :-D

XiXi said...

LOTR! Nobody is even going to read this now, but I watched the movies first, and then was inspired to read the books.

Bad plan, bad bad plan. The books are far too difficult to get into. I made it through the first two and gave up.

The movies though...a masterpiece. They make you want to live in Middle-Earth, and you actually believe it's a real place. Confession: I cry every time I watch them. Every time.

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