Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Idea whores

Dear Abby,

We've been working (not-so-diligently) on this project. Let's call her WIP. But here's the thing, we're sort of in a rut. I mean, at first WIP seemed so fresh, so new, so exciting. But now she's just gotten so stubborn. And we have to admit that we've sort of started to avoid her. It's just that she's always sitting there, incomplete on our desktop, nagging us about writing more. We just can't take it anymore.

And we have a huge confession to make. Since we've been avoiding her, we've started flirting with this hot new idea. This new idea just seems so easy and more fun than our pouty little work-in-progress. We've been having long, whispered conversations about her in the night and we have to say, we're totally feeling the love. Don't get us wrong, it's not like we've started outlining or anything like that, but we're tempted. We're so tempted.

We desperately want to trade in boring old WIP for this hot new idea. Is this the writer's version of a mid-life crisis? Should we consider some intensive marriage counseling to work out our issues with poor old WIP? Or is it time to cut our losses and site irreconcilable differences?

Honestly, this whole thing makes us feel a little bit like idea whores, bouncing from one project to the next like we're no longer capable of a fulfilling monogamous relationship. But this new idea...I mean, it's hot. Seriously.

Please help us Dear Abby.

The Slutty Sister Scribes


Sara Raasch said...

Dude, I have that same problem. Love is in the air, or something. Probably more like Idea Whoring is in the air. Why do they tease us like this? Why?

Tess said...

Date them both! See your WIP on M,W,F and then sneak in a little time with your new hottie on T,TH

I can't even tell you how many half loved manuscripts I've left on the roadside.

It's all good :)

Tess said...

Date them both. See your WIP on Mon, Weds and Fri's and see your hot new love on Tues and Thrs.

Whichever takes off is the one to go with.

I can't even tell you how many half loved manuscripts I've left on the roadside. It's all good.

Hardygirl said...

Ooo. I'm not sure here. It's hard to resist the siren song of a hot new idea . . . but suppose once you get to really KNOW the new hottie, you end up getting a little bored with him, too. Then another hot new idea pops up. And so on. And so on.


Jeannie Lin said...

I'm a one WIP gal, myself. I'm in awe of people who can jump from one idea to another.

Sarah Wylie said...

Dear Slutty Sister Scribes,
Do as I did and start seeing the other behind the first one's back. How will the other know? Even if it knows, what will the other one do? (Admit that he's been seeing your sister's best friend's guinea pig? Yeah, this isn't the Ricki Lake show.)
At the very least, your relationship with the other will send the message to WIP that if he doesn't step up to the plate, you're going to kick him to the curb.
Who knows, maybe when the time is right and both of you are in the same place again, you can resume your relationship. But life is too short to not live a little, whore around or whatever.
This is my advice, Sisters. Please don't tell my WIP...or my boyfriend.

Elana Johnson said...

Dear Slutty Sister Scribes,

You must talk to the WiP. Tell them things just aren't working out, but that you'd like to remain friends. This is the only way to go. That way, when this New Idea grows as stale and unexciting as the first one, you can come back to the WiP without any hurt feelings. Trust me, WiP will understand.

And then you'll be free to work on New Idea without the guilty feelings of "cheating."

;) Abby

Danyelle L. said...

Dear Triple S's,

Depending on what's causing the need for the "space" between you and WIP, there are a few things you can try.

1) Try thinking of your WIP as the alpha novel, and your shiny new idea as the beta novel. When the alpha needs some alone time, you can work with the beta. This way you'll still be writing. Eventually, alpha will need some "us" time where you can all feel the love again.

2) Sometimes writers take a wrong turn when they right. They decide to go right along the lovely foot path while the Muse is scanning the map. Ever been with a driver that says you ought to turn left, just after you've passed the turn? Fortunately, backtracking in writing does not require an extensive knowledge of U-turns. Just a good knowledge of your characters.

If this doesn't work, I'd suggest ordering a few barrels of chocolate and let Fate step in and have a hand with Muse.


Tess said...

Seriously Blogger? You say you deleted the comment...made me retype it and then you posted them both????? You are so lame.


Talk to New Idea. And when WIP gets defensive and all girlfriend-jealous, yell back, "What?! So I'm not allowed to have friends anymore? Geez, you are so clingy!"

But seriously. There's nothing wrong with new friends. Or with talking to those new friends. Right? Right.

And, once you have a chat with New Idea, maybe you'll think, "Hmmm... I have the good life with WIP right now. I'm not rockin' the boat with this new 'friendship.'"

Or maybe, New Idea will be your soulmate. And I'm sure WIP wouldn't want to stand in the way of true love.

:) Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Dear SSS:

I say since you aren't MARRIED to WiP, have some fun. You can flirt, talk to and play with the new idea...doesn't mean you have to commit just yet - - - to either one!

Love, Abbey

Corey Schwartz said...

Go with the new one. It's all about being excited!

Little Ms J said...

After reading the post and the comments I'm reminded of the many break ups that started with, "It's not you, it's me."

Girl, work 'em both. See where the new idea takes you. Who says you have to be monogamous?

Joanna said...

Dear Sisters who Slut with Scribes (did I get that right?),

Call me old-fashioned, but I don't believe in hopping around from one hottie to the next. I mean yeah, it can be fun, exhilarating, steamy...but isn't your sweet, old, reliable idea much better? I mean, you can predict everything about it, you know exactly where you stand with it and where it will be at the end of the day. Doesn't that feel safe? Isn't that what every girl wants?

I mean, come on we really just want excitement? The chance to find out something new? To discover new feelings, new people, new places...cause there is just no, NO way that WIP can be as hot as your describing it! Can it...?

:/ Desperately Seeking Hot WIP

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