Thursday, June 11, 2009


It's Friday it me or did it come quickly this week? It has definitely been an action packed week and against all odds I'm feeling pretty fantastic. Sure, I'm no longer gainfully employed, but I do have the whole summer to write, spend time with the kids, and refresh my e-mail.

Not a bad deal.

Onwards. As always we learned some pretty fascinating things this week:

1. Apparently sibling rivalries can go too far. Just ask the person who found our blog by searching for "bitch sister naked payback." Gives a whole new meaning to the term payback's a bitch.

2. I want to love Top Chef Masters, but really it just makes me miss Padma and Tom. Thankfully The Next Food Network Star is pretty entertaining because it's just not summer unless you're religiously watching a foodie competition.

3. Speaking of terrible television, Royal Pains is one of those so bad it's good kind of shows that I love watching in the summer, mainly because there's nothing else on. If you can get past the fact that the hot doctor (and yes, he really is very hot) looks like he's approximately 5'1 and is constantly saving lives using Bic pens and Ziplock baggies, then you're in for a treat. If not, well, it's still mildly amusing and it's not like you're watching it instead of a new episode of Gossip Girl.

4. If you have a fun neighbor who comes over to drink wine and discuss everything from reality television to good books, you can almost trick yourself into thinking you're in college again. After all, you're buzzed on a Thursday night and you don't even need a designated driver. Of course, reality hits home when your conversation is interrupted by a hungry 6-week-old and two antsy preschoolers who are supposed to be sound asleep. It's not quite the same as getting busted by your RA (resident advisor for those of you not fluent in Felicity), but close enough.

5. It feels good to be reading again. I'm not one of those writers who can't read a book and write at the same time, but I will admit that between writing and revisions we haven't had much time for books over the past 6 months. And now that I'm plowing through a book every couple of days again I remember how good it feels to get lost in the words of another writer.

6. As writers, sometimes you just need to talk to someone who fully understands the ups and downs of being on submission. This conversation between Laura and I is a great example:

Lisa: So.

Laura: Yeah.

Lisa: This sucks.

Laura: Yeah...

Lisa: So...

Laura: Yeah.

I'm not sure how, but sometimes just listening to each other breath on the phone totally helps.(And for all of you pervy people who found our blog via some disgusting google search, not in THAT way. We're sisters you jackasses.)

All in all it was a pretty solid week. I think we finally figured out our next big project and we're both really excited about it. Even better, we've got plenty of time to write. Life is good.

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!


Jeannie Lin said...

Re: Top Chef Masters -- I think it's all about stakes. I don't like watching the celebrity for charity competitions as much because it doesn't have the excitement of these young, energetic hotheads who are so hungry for success you can feel it vibrate off of them, a la Top Chef & Next Food Network Star. But I'm sure I'll still watch every episode.

Re: Submission. Yes, I realized the wait is killing me slowly. Too much time surfing, unable to focus on anything new. I used to think discouragement was the enemy, but hope can be an enemy too. Good luck to you!

Joanna said...

Yay for on-submission! You girls will totally rock the casbah.

Obviously, Casbah = Editorial Board at any given publishing house

Kimberly Derting said...

*waves hand in the air* Oooh, oooh, I'm the other person who watched Royal Pains! Yeah, summer TV standards are a little different, aren't they???

I'm jealous that you two have each other during the submission process, I'd love to have someone to breathe into the phone to. You know, besides the prank calls.

lisa and laura said...

Jeannie - I'm totally with you. I'll be watching every episode too, but I think you hit it on the head. The stakes just aren't high enough and you can tell that the chef's aren't taking it AS seriously as the young guys. And being on submission is awful. We need to start a google group or something to discuss the unique pain of wishing, waiting and hoping.

Joanna - So far all we've been doing is waiting for the casbah to start rocking. Oh and breathing into the phone. But we love you for thinking that we'll be rocking editorial boards. This part of the process has been very difficult for us.

Kimberly - Hee! So glad someone else is watching that show. It really is pretty entertaining. How long were you on sub for the Body Finders? I don't know how anyone could survive this process alone!

Shelli (srjohannes) said...

cant wait to hear about the next project.

if anyone watched - so you think you can dance or wipeout or bachleorette - you can call me for chit chat!

XiXi said...

:-) Nice post.

I love Food Network. Although, Iron Chef is my thing. Sometimes I watch Chopped. Usually, I just watch Giada and her random inserts of Italian pronunciation, Rachel Ray and her abbreviations for things that do not need to be abbreviated, and Paula Deen shove a pound of butter into dishes that clearly do not need butter.

Ah, Food Network.

Elana Johnson said...

That conversation looks like my email inbox.

I love Food Network and The Next Food Network Star. Good stuff.

Sherrie Petersen said...

You guys are getting some pretty whacked searches, huh :) I've been on a reading binge myself.

And speaking of binges, I thought of you when I saw this, with your farewell to the corporate world and all :)

Mad Housewife Wine

Not that I spend my days trolling the internet for wine or anything :)

Danyelle L. said...


Very crazy searches, but at least people are finding you. That's good, right? ;-)

Good luck with your submission! Waiting stinks. :)

Eva said...

That conversation between you and your sister sounds like conversations I have with myself every day. :)

Oh, and I'm fluent in Felicity. Gosh, I miss that show....


Gahhhh, Felicity. How I miss that show.

My summer pleasure = So You Think You Can Dance. Sheer awesomeness.

Extra extra good luck on submissions. I'm still jealous, but I feel your pain! :)

Anonymous said...

Love the sister conversation...and yeah, #4 totally lets you think your back in school! Have a great weekend.

Tess said...

Ok girls, you and I are in the same perverbial submission boat. Well, I had the amazing and very coincidental opportunity to actually MEET one of the editors who has my novel right now (my agent sent it out to four editors two weeks ago). Well, one of the editors just so happened to be way out west in no mans land for a conference.

So - I met her and mentioned that she has my novel. We had a good chat...and she said, "We are all so incredibly swamped right now because:

1. people are out of work and thinking now is the time to write that great american novel.


2. editors are laid of as well (quite a few, actually) so that means there are fewer editors out there to send stuff to."

She said that she responds to agents in about a month, but lately it's been more like 6 weeks.

So - I just thought I'd pass that info along.

*deep breath - inner plea for patience*

My refresh button is going to thank me because I'm laying off it for a while.....or at least trying :o

Corey Schwartz said...

I'm actually a little jealous that people find your blog that way. The only way people find mine is by searching

Thing 1 and thing 2
thing 1 & thing 2
thing 1 thing 2 images
Thing one and... well, you get the point!


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