Friday, April 23, 2010

Pay It Forward: Send Weronika to NYC!

GOAL MET!!! Thank you everyone for your donations! What an amazing group of friends and writers we have out there!

Ok, Little Ms. J has officially outdone herself. She's taken it upon herself to raise money for the soon-to-be-future-publishing-rockstar Weronika Janczuk to go to the Backspace Conference in NYC. Now many of you already know Weronika so you won't be surprised to hear that she's earned herself a scholarship (She's a genius. Seriously.), but she's in high school (Yeah, I know. Try not to hate her for being this genius at the wee age of 18) so actually getting to the city is going to be difficult for her financially.

The goal? $600

Your mission? Shout. Please link, Twitter, Facebook and blog about our mission to send Weronika to New York.

The ask? Give. Enter your email address in the comments section or email LMJ directly with the amount you would like to contribute toward Weronika's trip. She'll then arrange for your donation through Paypal.

The reward? LMJ is starting things off by donating $100. AND she'll chip in an additional $10 for every person who donates until we hit $600.

We've already made our donation and if you can afford to donate even $10 you'd be helping a fellow aspiring author out. Let's send Weronika to NYC!

For anyone who comments on this blog post with the intention to donate to The Send Weronika to NYC Fund we'll enter your name into a raffle to win a custom "I Am The Fourth Roecker Sister" t-shirt AND a copy of one of our favorite books, The Body Finder. Just our way of saying thank you!


Little Ms J said...

Hey! Where is my freaking T shirt? You guys have been telling me that I'm the fourth Roecker for like.. FOREVER and you're just passing out my title left and right? I have feelings you know.

Thanks for linking - even if you tried to one up me with the give aways, girls. Just wait til you see my vlog. Totally takes the cake.

Fourth Roecker Sister, Out.


XiXi said...

Little Ms J, I will fight you for that shirt. :P

LiLa, we all know who the REAL Fourth Roecker Sister is - her name rhymes with Mimi and she is Asian.

I'll definitely be blogging about Weronika. She is the best, and you guys are doing a good thing!

Shelli (srjohannes) said...

i donated and so want to be the fourth sistea!

Kimberly Derting said...

AWW, you guys are awesome for the donations (especially the FABULOUS book!!! ;)

Oh, and I think Shelli must be drunk already, what the heck's a "sistea"???

Katie Anderson said...

cracking up...

I should have offered a prize.


Unknown said...

How neat is this!!! Good luck!!

Lori W. said...

Very cool. I remember Sherrie's interview w/Weronicka on Write About Now, and this gal is going places. How nice of Little Miss J (and you and others) to do this!

Talli Roland said...

Wow, what a great idea. It always gets me how supportive people can be - warm fuzzy moment!

Hayley Lovell said...

I JUST went over to donate but LMJ said they reached their goal. However, I AM going to the Backspace Conference! So thanks for the heads up I'm hopping over to her blog right now to tell her! We teens really should stick together.

Carolina M. Valdez Schneider said...

That's awesome. Truly. I love seeing how people can come together.

Matthew MacNish said...

Fourth? Who's the third?

sanjeet said...

How neat is this!!! Good luck!!
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