Friday, April 13, 2012

Hello to Sarah Frances Hardy and friends!

It's no secret that we love Sarah Frances Hardy's new release PUZZLED BY PINK.

And today we're lucky enough to be celebrating with SARAH FRANCES herself. Oh...and she's also brought along a few of her friends.

But first, check out SF's most beautiful website ever.

And now we welcome Sarah Frances who was kind enough to answer some of our most random questions.

1. What's your favorite color and why?
Green. I think it's because my birthday is in the spring. But it needs to be kind of chartreuse or limey.
2. What's your most embarrassing moment? 
Um, just about every time I'm on any kind of video. Also, the time I went on a "date" in seventh grade and came back from the bathroom with a very long toilet paper tail. It was tucked into the back of my jeans (probably paisley Guess jeans tapered and zipped at the ankles). Nice.
3. What annoys you?
I kind of hate the word "chinos".
4. What makes you happy?
Right now--my Starbucks cinnamon and vanilla soy milk latte'. And (I know everybody says this) my three daughters. They are, each one, completely different, and when they're not arguing, they are so much fun! Oh--and I must add my sweet husband, too.
5. What do you think about the book?
I think it's the greatest book ever written (kidding!). I do hope that people have fun with it and get that it's all about being yourself.

And now Rose, you're up!

1. What's your favorite color and why?
Pink. Why? Are you kidding? There shouldn't even BE any other colors. Everything should be pink or at least covered in glitter.
2. What's your most embarrassing moment?
When my sister Izzy came backstage after my ballet recital and threw a rubber snake at me. It scared me so bad I almost wet my pants, and Fletcher and his friends laughed at me. Okay, I actually did wet my pants a little. It was awful.
3. What annoys you?
Nothing. Everything in my world is pink roses and unicorns! I just ignore everything else. Except rubber snakes. They're scary. I don't like spiders either.
4. What makes you happy?
Dancing, glitter, flowers, butterflies, fairy wings and tutus.
5. What do you think about the book?
Well, I still kind of wish that Izzy had followed the party rules and worn a tutu, but I'm glad that in the end she came in her icky black dress. She's pretty weird, but she's my sister.

And last but not least, Izzy!

1. What's your favorite color and why?
Black. Because it's dark and mysterious.
2. What's your most embarrassing moment?
Well, pretty much everything my sister Rose does embarrasses me. But I actually had something horrible happen last weekend . . . it was Easter and my mom made me wear shoes with little bows on them. Bows!!! They were black patent leather, but still!
3. What annoys you?
Glitter, roses, pink cupcakes, giggling, lipstick, and anything that has to do with a ballet recital.
4. What makes you happy?
My best friend. Her name is V and she's all kinds of awesome. She's also invisible.
5. What do you think about the book?
Well, I love the title because I AM puzzled by pink. I just don't understand why all of the girls at school think you have to wear pink, have a pink lunch box, color everything pink . . . there are other colors out there people!! But my favorite thing about the book is that in the end, I got to go to Rose's party and I got to wear my favorite witchy dress.
Happy Friday the 13th!!!!


S.A. Larsenッ said...

Sarah is so sweet! Thanks for hosting her.

It was great learning more about you, Sarah and Rose!

Katie Anderson said...

This was so fun to read!!! Loved hearing from izzy and rose. They crack me up

storyqueen said...

Yay! Puzzled by Pink is one day old!! (I bet Izzy likes Friday the 13th, too!)

Happy weekend, girls!


Little Ms J said...

Aw, big love to SF, Izzy and Rose!

Christie Wright Wild said...

What fun! I love how the interview was with the characters too.

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