Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Live From New York It's Tuesday Morning

When I saw my dad on Easter he immediately asked me if I'd watched SNL the night before. He said there was a sketch that he knew I'd love. I watched it when I got home mostly because I wanted to see how well my dad really knows me.

Um, turns out, pretty damn well.

This sketch made me cry. Weep. Nice work, Dad.

He was also right about this new boy band One Direction. He said they were actually pretty decent. And they totally were. Not only talented, but eminently watchable. I usually zip right through the music segment on my DVR, but these guys were fascinating. If I was 14 I'd probably already have posters of them covering my walls. Since I'm 33, I'll settle for one, slightly creepy poster in my closet. Happy Tuesday!


JEM said...

Dangit, now I have to go watch the whole show. There goes my productivity this morning. And I want some almost pizza.

Marsha Sigman said...

I made that last night...

LOL. I teared up. Because if you want the truth, we really have had almost that same conversation in my house.

Creepy Query Girl said...

can't watch the video because I'm 'outside the US'. They really should have some kind of code for expats to enter. not fair. But as for One Direction- they did a concert in France and were all over the place. An irish friend of mine told me they were on the X Factor in england- didn't win but gained more popularity than the actual winner.

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