Thursday, April 12, 2012

When Blue Met Egg by Lindsay Ward

True story. We know Lindsay Ward. Once upon a time, when we had time, we were involved in a Cleveland book club which rocked the socks off of any other book club ever. Lindsay and her adorable self joined the book club, which is where we first heard about PELLY AND MR. HARRISON VISIT THE MOON. We love it. Our kids love it. Our kids' friends love it. The illustrations are beautiful and the story is absolutely charming with a little twist at the end.

Fast forward a year. I receive a note home from Lydia's preschool that an author is coming to visit. Woohoo! I love authors! As I read on, I see none other than LINDSAY WARD'S name.

"I know her! I know her," I shouted, Elf-style.

Parents and siblings were invited to the program where Lindsay was going to read her newest book WHEN BLUE MET EGG, which I'd already read, LOVED and purchased for a birthday present, and the kids would have a chance to ask their crazy, four-year-old questions.

Needless to say, I was pumped.

Until the day of the event when I noticed Lindsay wasn't selling books. In all of my excitement, I hadn't thought to run up to The Learned Owl (the best bookshop in the world) to buy my copy. Let's just say this did not go over well with Lydia who waited in line patiently like everyone else for her signed copy. Only she didn't have a copy. Cue tears and an embarrassed mommy, a fussy James and the nicest author in the world who seriously offered to give her copy to Lydia. UM...NO. Sure, Lydia was crying over a book and I couldn't necessarily blame her, but we were not going to accept the author's copy. Trust me. I know how important a sale is and Lindsey deserved a recorded sale. We left it at Lindsay offering to send a signed book plate and I ushered my sniffling daughter out the door. I'm actually a pro at this. It happens more often than I care to admit. Over books, train tables, shoes that don't miraculously tie themselves and car seat straps that get twisted.

But the tears have since dried, a book has been purchased and all is right in the world. See how much she loves it? She loves, loves, loves to explain what's actually happening in the story in her smartest, I-know-so-much-more-than-you voice.

And, of course, she imagines getting ice cream with Blue. I can't say I blame her! Blue is pretty cool and ice cream is delicious.


Matthew MacNish said...

This is the longest thing I've seen you post in ages. It must be a good book.

Shannon O'Donnell said...

That story is positively adorable! And so is the photo!! :-)

Lisa said...

Are you talking about the Learned Owl in Hudson? Love that place.

Katie said...

Shoes don't tie themselves?? Who knew! Cute post, Laur :)

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