Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tell the Truth Wednesday

1. I HATE the new Blogger posting functionality. The box is so small and weird and awful. Thanks for nothing, Blogger.

2. WE CAUGHT THE MOUSE. That's right. That little $^*()#*# finally stumbled into one of our traps and met the big cheese in the sky. I know I should feel bad about killing the little guy, but I really, really don't. Of course little mousey might have the last laugh if it managed to procreate before he met his maker. Every time I close my eyes I see litters of mice babies and I want to bleach my eyes.

3. My house STILL hasn't sold. Every time we have a showing with annoying feedback like, "Your bathroom is in a weird place." Or "Eew, this basement is so gross" I feel like screaming, "Yeah, duh, why the $%#* do you think we're moving?" Also I've started putting a curse on every person who walks through this house without making an offer. Yup, you heard me. Walk through this house and decide to go in a different direction and I'm wishing all kinds of hexes on your new house. Leaks, roach infestations, silverfish, neighbors who collect hub caps in their front yard - you name it, I've wished it. Home shoppers BEWARE.

4. Lydia turned 4 this week and Mia left her the worlds most awkward birthday message. She sang happy birthday into the phone like a 5-year-old Marilyn Monroe with severe social anxiety. It was awesome.

5. I purchased two pairs of neon bright skinny jeans. I have no idea if I'm pulling them off or not, but they're so cute I'm not sure I really care.

6. I'm reading A Million Suns right now and omigod, Beth Revis knows EXACTLY what she's doing. So, so, so good.

7. I've restarted the 30 Day Shred. This time my husband is doing it with me only he calls it the Shred 30. He must think that it sounds more masculine that way. It's a great work out, but I'm pretty sure my Easter candy consumption levels are cancelling out any potential weight loss.

8. Dawson Leary is FUNNY. I mean, I kind of figured he had a good sense of humor after the whole Van Der Memes thing (not gonna lie, that site still makes me pee a little), but I love that he's playing himself in Don't Trust the B- in Apt 23. I mean, I still like Pacey better, but well played Dawson. Well. Played.

9. Have you guys watched Girls on HBO? Obviously super controversial for lots of reasons, but I love it. It's like a window into a life I never lived. Well, let's face it, it's a life most of us haven't lived. I mean, there aren't a whole lot of people in the world with parents (or trust funds) flush enough to allow us to live in New York City working unpaid internships and finding ourselves. Also I've dated the same guy since I was 15, so the whole single in the city business fascinates me. The Sex In the City comparisons are inevitable, but this is a different show entirely. Equal parts cringe worthy, terrifying, riveting and brave. I love it.

10.  Finally saw The Hunger Games over the weekend and HOLY CRAP IT WAS SO AWESOME. The whole time I was sitting in the theater I kept thinking about how amazing it must have been for Suzanne Collins to watch the world she created come to life. Can't wait for Catching Fire.

Ok, so you know the drill. It's been ages. Hit me with your best truth this Wednesday. I've missed them!


Matthew MacNish said...

Your Google overlords can see this post, you know? Ahem. Anyway, while we're getting all revolutionary, I hate the new gmail lay out too, Google! I hate the new blogger layout, I hate G+, I hate that you broke my blogger dashboard, and I hate that you stole GFC from all my friends on Wordpress. So there.

Stina said...

Ditto on what Matt said, not that I've seen the new gmail format lately. I have an account but I don't use it.

Loretta Nyhan said...

I love Girls. And I did kind of live that life once upon a time.

Tricia J. O'Brien said...

I'm with you guys on the new layout. Wasting so much time finding where the Dashboard stuff went. and, oh, the confusion posting photos.
Glad you caught your mouse. Really smart mice stay outside.

Natalie said...

Totally agree with number 1. Of course I hate it when any website "updates" anything. It's never as good as the previous version.

I laughed so hard at the thought of you cursing homebuyers. I picture some poor couple sitting in their front yard while their neighbor puts his old crappy car on cinderblocks in the front yard, saying, "I knew we should have gone with the house with the nasty basement!" :)

Some truth for the day: There is a not so mysterious brown skid mark on my kid's bathroom floor that I can't bring myself to investigate. I'll probably make my husband take care of it when he comes home.

Marsha Sigman said...

1) I hates me some Blogger updates right now.

2) I am currently addicted to House Hunters International. Pretty sure your basement can't beat some of the ones I've seen.

3) I'm still wearing boots in 85 degree heat. 'Cause they're awesome.

4)Have NOT seen Hunger Games movie yet. Partly because I am scared they screwed it up...and partly because I'm scared of what I will find if I leave my husband in charge for 2 hours.

Nicole Zoltack said...

I HATE new blogger and LOVE the Hunger Games movie!

Tere Kirkland said...

Yeah, new blogger smells funny, too!

I also had no expectations for Don't trust the B and loved it, and high expectations for Girls and thought it was okay.

I LOVED The Hunger Games movie and think Jennifer Laurence is amazing. Even Hutcherson won me over.

My Wednesday truth? I think I might secretly be a pantser, not a plotter after all! Hold me!

Little Ms J said...

1. I suck in my stomach whenever I'm in a cute dress to the point that I get an ab workout and am sore the next day. This is totally new and I blame it all on Livi Rabbit.

2. I'm very stressed out about Livi's birthday party this weekend and it is primarily because a lot of fabulous gay men are coming. What the hell am I going to wear?! What if her laser cut Stuart Weitzmans don't exactly match her little dress? Gaaahd.

3. I tell everyone I've lost weight because I'm gluten free, but I'm quite positive it is because my allergist put me on an antihistamine with pseudo ephedrine.

4. I'm not really gluten free.

5. But, I AM hyper as a mothereffer.

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