Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday Five

1. I just finished THE DEMON'S COVENANT and holy wow. I really enjoyed THE DEMON'S LEXICON and I have to say I think I liked the second book in the trilogy even more. Loretta Nyhan sent it to me last summer and I'm actually really glad it took me so long to pick it up because now I only have to wait a week for THE DEMON'S SURRENDER. Whut. Whut.

2. SUPER excited for a mega surprise party tonight.  My husband finished his MBA last week so the kids and I have spent all day making him ridiculous signs and all of his favorite foods and we're all going to yell surprise when he walks in the door. That's the part the kids are the most excited about. Worried that I'm totally blowing the surprise by blogging about it? Don't be. The blog completely freaks my husband out. He's all, "Who are all those people who comment and do you really need to be telling people about our son's poop?"

3. I have a lot of required reading this weekend and I'm so pumped. There's a very small part of me that fantasizes about deleting our blog and twitter accounts, deactivating all of our email addresses and pretending that we never, ever decided to write books. And then I would go to the library and pick out a HUGE stack of books, all written by authors I've never met and never intend to meet. I'd devour them all and never write a single book review. But then I remember how much I love reading books by friends and blogging and tweeting and emailing and writing and I realize my fantasy kind of sucks.

4. I start my job on Monday and I'm slightly terrified. What if I suck? What if my kids hate their camps? What if I don't have time to work out or read or watch Happy Endings? What if I cry? What if people I work with read this blog? *cue head explosion here*

5. Laura has agreed to fill in as interim childcare until camp starts. I'm scared for the children. I'm scared for me. But most of all, I'm scared for Laura. Giddy. Up.


Matthew MacNish said...

What did you end up getting him?

Stina Lindenblatt said...

My husband still doesn't get the blog thing. Probably just as well considering how I've pointed out on mine how hot his body is. No need for him to know that I've blogged about it. ;)

Don't worry, Lisa, you'll rock at your new job!

Gennifer Albin said...

I was wondering if you got past the drug test! Congrats on all the big changes in your life.

Marsha Sigman said...


Just think of all the story ideas you will pick up from new job.

And kids poop is always a hot topic. Your husband obviously is not nearly as hip as the rest of us moms.

Sara B. Larson said...

Hope you have a great party! Sometimes i post things on my blog about my hubby or my mom just to see if they are reading it. Usually they don't say anything about it, and I know they haven't read it. Yeah. Oh well. ;)

Congrats on the job, you'll do great! And good luck Laura with the kids!

I'm Just Sayin said...

Gah, I need to read The Demon's Covenant. The first one was amazing. I'm so behind on my books...not to mention SERIES.

Nicole Zoltack said...

Oh I love surprise parties! Haven't hosted one yet though. Um... maybe when hubby turns 30 in 3 years...

Christa said...

You better bring a big bottle of chardonnay home with you after your first day of work. Laura is gonna need it! Have a great first day!

Simon C. Larter said...

I've missed you guys! *sniffles* I mean...gals. Well, you don't mind if I call you "guys", do you? It's the totally generic form of the word, I'm intending. Tell me you're cool with it.

I'm totally still doing it even if you're not cool with it. Mainly I ask out of courtesy.

Anyway. I'll drop a list. Mainly to worry Lisa's husband. 'Cause, y'know.

1. I haven't had much time for blogs recently, since work went all crazy.

2. It makes me feel like I'm all out of touch.

3. And let me tell you, full body waxes are totally NOT an appropriate method of dealing with that feeling.

9. I need to make a liquor store run, like, stat.

0. When are we going to do that Prosecco-and-Skype night? You're seriously keeping me hanging on that count.

*. Contusions are less fun than you might imagine.




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