Thursday, January 19, 2012

Bookanistas: Austentatious

A warm welcome goes out to a few new Bookanistas up in here! Don't forget to check out their reviews! 

Now, if you're like me and watched the movie Notting Hill more times than you can count in college, read on about AUSTENTATIOUS...

What the back cover has to say:

While browsing in an Austin shop, Nicola James finds a blank vintage journal hidden among a set of Jane Austen novels. Even though Nic is a straight-laced engineer, she's still a sucker for anything Austen-esque. But her enthusiasm turns to disbelief once she starts writing in the journal - because somehow, it's writing her back...Itching for a bit of excitement, Nic decides to follow her "Fairy Jane's" advice. The result: a red-hot romance with a sexy Scottish musician who charms his way into Nic's heart in about five seconds flat. But a guy like Sean doesn't exactly fit into her Life Plan. With no one but Fairy Jane to guide her, Nic must choose between the life she thought she wanted - and the kind of happy ending she never saw coming...

What Lila has to say:

If you've followed our blog for long enough you're aware of our embarrassingly epic failure of a first novel entitled THE NORTH SHORE. And some of you may remember the premise of the book, which was, in our naive opinion, gloriously original and marketable--an update of Pride and Prejudice for young adults! But not just any update, an update that remained steadfastedly true to the original, which loosely translates into boring, boring, BORING. Trashed, unoriginal, unmarketable novel aside, Jane Austen-esque books are still very, very close to our hearts, which is why we fell head over heels in love with AUSTENTATIOUS by Alyssa Goodnight.

Bottom line: if you're going to read an Austen-inspired novel, do yourself a favor and choose this one. First of all, it takes place in one of the best cities ever, Austin, Texas. I absolutely loved Austin when I visited and equally loved imagining myself back there while reading. Such a charming setting. I loved Nicola from page one because she embodies so much of all of us and she's hilarious. Sure, she wants nothing to do with love, but I want nothing but for her to fall in love! It's truly the best combination. I love rooting for my main characters. Finally, I have to thank Alyssa Goodnight for singlehandedly launching me out of my reading rut. I do not have a ton of time these days. And the time I do have is literally spent two inches away from James's face in an effort to get my serious little boy to SMILE. Picking up a book lately sends me straight into that eyes rolling, I-will-not-fall-asleep state, which is kind of the equivalent to torture. But not true for AUSTENTATIOUS. It was pure, much-needed fun with a huge helping of romance, which for my sleep-deprived, post-partum self was so, so appreciated. I absolutely recommend you pick it up. If AUSTENTATIOUS were a movie, Hugh Grant* would play Sean. Enough said.

*Hugh Grant circa Notting Hill and Love Actually

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Matthew MacNish said...

Does it have any sword fights? No, not that kind!

Alyssa Goodnight said...

Thank you so much for such a wonderful review! I'm thrilled you enjoyed AUSTENTATIOUS! :)

tracythewriter said...

Sounds fantastic! Good thing I got a B&N giftcard for Christmas. It's shopping time! :-)

Elana Johnson said...

Oh, you had me at NOTTING HILL. Love that show! And I will say that I've never been an Austen fan (I've never read anything, so I can't really say if I'd like it or not. Yes, I am that shallow), but I want to give this a try!

Christina Farley said...

I adore anything Jane Austen. This sounds lovely. And I bet you that I'd adore your first book, which you call epic fail. I think it sounds awesome. When can I read it? :-)

Melanie said...

This looks very cute. I love Austen spin-offs.

Lola Sharp said...

(love love love Notting Hill)

Im a big Austen fan, too, and this book sounds adorbs.

Happy weekend,

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