Friday, January 27, 2012

LiLa Quotes of the Week

"I honestly have no idea how to use a ruler."
- Laura

"I feel like my bangs are like that time when Mom had a mullet and no one had the heart to tell her."
- Lisa

"Um, like two notches past 8?"
-Laura when her husband asked her how long the wallpaper panel measured

"When she wets the bed I feel like it's her way of saying $%*% off."
-Laura on her daughter Lydia wetting the bed every single night

"I promise you, the girl in that car commercial is going places. She's going to be a BIG DEAL. You heard it here first."
-Mike Roecker on a random girl in a car commercial

"Facetime is the devil."
-Laura after fielding hundreds of Facetime calls from Lisa's neglected children

"When we're decrepit, old widows we're going to have the cutest apartment ever."

"No Lisa. Lisa go home."
-Stacey's son Will the moment Lisa walked into the Vaughan house

"Braces are medieval."
-Laura on orthodontia

-Lisa on Midnight in Paris (God, I love me some Woody Allen)

Just so you know, posting this may or may not result in me losing my parents as overnight babysitters on Saturday. Proof that there is nothing I won't risk for a good blog post. Happy Friday!


Matthew MacNish said...

Mike is your pops? Sounds like he has quite the eye for talent.

Christine Fonseca said...


Anonymous said...

OMG.... I have laughed a LOT this morning!! THANK YOU!

storyqueen said...

The bangs! The cute apartment! The medieval braces!

You two are the best!

(And thanks for the nice words about my new book cover. It made my day!)



Janet Gurtler said...

My fave is Will's comment to Lisa.

Sarah Allen said...

Midnight in Paris was totally the best movie of the year. The oscars should be interesting this year.

Sarah Allen
(my creative writing blog)

Nicole Zoltack said...

LOL! We just watched Midnight in Paris last night. Amazing!

Steph said...

Omg. Thanks for the laugh! Love "No Lisa. Lisa go home." reminds me of the little girl in Love Actually. "we hate uncle jamie!!" ;-)

Krispy said...

LOVED Midnight in Paris! And I loved these quotes. Thanks for the laughs!

erica and christy said...

You're right - braces are the devil. (that's what you said, right?)

poor moms and their mullets...

Anonymous said...

Seriously, just wait and see, she's going to hit the big time!


Conda V. Douglas said...

Oh my, I've needed a few good laughs and here they were.

Little Ms J said...

That Will kid sounds hilarious.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Facetime is a favorite in our house especially when Daddy is snowed in at a hotel far away.

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