Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Breaking News: Trashtacular TV Viewing Party

Don't you just love how in my world, breaking news constitutes a live Tweeting session before and during the Real Housewives of NYC finale. This sort of reminds me about Kimberly Derting commenting that she saw Speidi on the evening news, and by "evening news" she meant Entertainment Tonight. Classic.

Anyways, we also have the ab-fab Kimberly to thank for the info on the tweet fest tonight. Apparently her deal with the devil (she looks ludicrously young for her age, so Laura and I remain very suspicious. Botox can't work this kind of magic, trust me.) includes advance warning of trashtastic Bravo events. Thanks Kimberly!!
OK, so click here to get all the details. I'll be logging in under landlroecker. I have no idea how the logistics are going to work but I'm envisioning some type of Twitter nirvana that is comprised of me and 10,000 catty gay men. It's going to be fantastic.

If you're planning on joining leave your screen name in the comments so I can fully participate in any cattiness going on. And anyone want to take an over/under on how many followers I'll lose after all of these obnoxious tweets tonight? I'm betting at least 10.

Hope to see you there!


Traci said...

You funny girls! LOL Have fun tweeeeeeeeeTING! :-D

Shelli (srjohannes) said...

im going tro watch american idol. - another trashfav. Thanks for commenting on my chapter today :)

verfi word - nonedunk? am i one?

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