Friday, July 31, 2009

Freaky Friday...

We've had such a good week this week! I almost don't want it to end.

1. We got some seriously amazing feedback on the WIP and got to know one of our writing friends a whole lot better. Have you guys ever spoken on the phone with one of your beta readers? I had the pleasure of doing that yesterday and it was pretty incredible. I'll admit, I was a little scared to talk on the phone with someone who I'd only interacted with via e-mail. Isn't it crazy how the internet has made phone calls so personal? Anyways, we ended up talking for almost an hour about her thoughts on our WIP, writing, publishing and life in general. We not only ended up with some fantastic edits for the WIP, we also have a new friend. Love that!

2. Major Agent is back in town, and is more major than ever. There's something so exciting about seeing an e-mail from her pop up in our inbox every day. We just feel really lucky to be working with someone who is so hands on and available to help us with our writing and our careers. 

3. Our electricity is back on, our house didn't burn down and I'm only out $100. Now that, my friends, is a happy ending. All of your good vibes definitely worked. Thank you so much! Ooh, and I'm happy to see that ya'll (do you love that I'm channeling the Plot This girls? I'm hoping that if I start using y'all and lawsy in my posts that I'll make the cut for Southern Belle Bootcamp...) hate silverfish as much as I do. Spiders are gross, but silverfish really are the devil. Nothing gives me the heebie jeebies like those big ass bugs. Gross. 

4. I'm having another baby! Well, for the night anyways. I'm on babysitting duty for Stacey, our artistic sister who hates all things literary but gives us Kindles, and 4-month-old Will is going to be chilling at our house for a couple of days. 

This resulted in a classic sisterly conversation:

Lisa: So, what's Will schedule like?
Stacey: Schedule?
Lisa: Yeah, you know, how often does he eat, what time does he nap?
Stacey: Well, he sleeps all night. So that's super easy for you.
Lisa: Great! What about during the day.
Stacey: *breathing*
Lisa: Stace?
Stacey: Why don't you figure out his schedule and then tell me what works when I pick him up, ok?

Can you tell which one of us is the anal, bossy, annoying sister? Wait, don't answer that.

5. Google searches of the week include: Electrical fires and deep seats jumpsuits. I don't even know what a deep seat jumpsuit is, but I'm pretty excited people are finding our blog when they're looking for one.

Have a fabulous weekend everyone!


Katie Anderson said...

Mornin' Y'all!

I just read your comment over on Jeannette's blog and thought, "Yeah - I'm bitter too. I'm like the bore of the century compared to you three."

There's just nothin' like some Lila and Ms. J to go with my coffee :-)

Little Ms J said...

Oh Katie - and here we want you to teach us to be graceful and Southern.

LiLa - I think you'd hate me in real life. I'm probably like your sister Stacey, but I tend to shy away from organization too. My friend Amie has finally accepted that organizational bins are not a good gift for me as I tend to throw clothes in them or let the dogs use them as forts.

By the way, email me some deets about your Beta. I think I may need to go that route.

Christina Lee said...

good news all around- from one anal sister to another! oohh lots of questions, but I'll ask you by email!

Kimberly Derting said...

Oooh, we had a baby last weekend. Fun, but exhausting. I miss that new baby smell, though!

And YAY...electricity! And cheap electricity, the best kind!!!

I got googled for "naughty girlie" this week. Cracks me up to read how people get to my site.

Tess said...

What a great week

and, now I understand how to get my sister to watch my kids. surprise her with a kindle a few weeks ahead of time...heee...heee...your clever sister ;)

Anonymous said...

definitely a great week!

Sarah Wylie said...

Talking on the phone scares me. It's only slightly better than silverfish.
Yay, for your electricity being back on and the return of Major Agent!
Good luck babysitting and have a fun weekend! :)

Rebecca Knight said...

After working in a call center for a couple of years (I now analyze the call center's calls... wheee), I'm traumatized enough where I'm no longer a phone person.

I have to admit, though, the idea of talking to some of my awesome internet pals semi "in person" makes me happy. So glad you guys got to do that! :D

Hardygirl said...

Ew. Silverfish.

Now I know what's been missing from my life--an anal big sister . . . to put my children on a schedule, color code my closet, find my car keys, alphabetize my spices. Would you just adopt me?

Skip the phone. I just want to all meet in person!


Weronika Janczuk said...

Every time it's laugh-out-loud funny for me.

I'm very glad that you've had such great feedback on the WiP, and your comment about the Internet making phone calls so much more personal is right on. I rely too often on sitting behind the computer screen ...

What a blessing to have the right agent. (Can you just hear the jealousy spark? ;))

Glad you figured out the problem with the electricity, too -- I was worried about you guys!

And enjoy your weekend with Will! Stacey sounds like another wonderful and quirky member of your fam.

Shelli (srjohannes) said...

ooh cant wiat to read more of WIP

JennyMac said...

Love that sister dialogue...LOVE IT.

Meg said...

Ha, that sisterly dialogue cracked me up. Makes me miss my sis - the lucky bitch is on her 3 week honeymoon. Blah.
Glad you all had a great week!

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