Friday, July 17, 2009

Unfabulous Friday

Ok, so it's 3:24 AM. I can't sleep and I have the beginnings of a wicked hangover. This does not bode well for my Friday. I hope this week's wrap up is at least semi-coherent...

1. Prosecco definitely leads to hangovers. Do not let well intentioned friends convince you otherwise. Prosecco will give you the same mind numbing headache as half a bottle of champagne. How can something that tastes so good make you feel so bad? So much for that 9:30 Spin Class. Ugh.

2. It feels good to be writing again. We're off to a great start on our next project. I know a lot of you were wondering whether it was agent approved, and the answer is not yet. We did pitch a few of our ideas to Major Agent and she was going to choose the most marketable, but then this project sort of chose us. Anyways, she's on vacation for another week, so our current plan is to send her the first few chapters as soon as she gets back at her desk. We can't wait to see what she thinks!

3. I'm officially a Mac Girl. That's right, I ordered my very first MacBook and it should arrive next week. I feel really good about the decision, but let's just hope I can actually figure out how to use the damn thing. Really I just need it for writing and internet, nothing fancy, so let's hope the learning curve isn't too steep and I don't end up wanting to toss it out the window.

4. Writer's block makes me superstitious. We're feeling a little superstitious about the work-in-progress. It's flowing so beautifully and we still haven't told anyone what it's even about. And we have the most perfect title in the world. I'm absolutely horrible at keeping secrets, and this project is the only thing I can think about lately, so it's killing me that I can't really talk about it. Laura has me convinced that if I start blabbing we'll immediately get all blocked up. So...mums the word. For now anyways.

5. Regression is the new black. Laura and her crazy husband are hosting a beer pong tournament at her house tomorrow. We're schlepping the kids and our air mattress over to their house for the night and we're going to party college style. For the record, I suck at partying college style. I wasn't even good at partying college style when I was in college. I'm also spectacularly bad at beer pong. Laura is supposedly the reigning champ (her husband claims that he beat's all very controversial), so I'm hoping that we somehow end up on the same team. The only problem about being on the same team is that we won't have anyone to drink the foul beer that's left in our cups when the other team scores. Gross.

6. StatCounter insanity has reached a whole new level. Some lucky individual found the blog by searching "get paid to write spanking sstories." And yes, they used a double s in stories. I hope they found what they were looking for.

Well, that wraps up yet another week for us. Have a fabulous weekend everyone!


Christina Lee said...

have a good weekend! Party like a college student!!!

Tara said...

Prosecco hangover - ouch!

Congrats on the MacBook AND on your new writing project!

Have fun tomorrow! Wish we were going to be at Laura/John's Would love to party college style (minus the nasty hangover).

Katie Anderson said...

What the heck is Prosecco? Alas, my fuddy duddyness is apparent.

-no clue about Prosecco and beer pong tourney sounds awful!

I used to tell my hubby that the fun of wild drinking was no match for the shit of a hangover.

But good luck! We might need some pictures :-)

And way to go on the MAC! Call me anytime for lessons :~)

Anonymous said...

That's great how your next project is coming along! I do hope Major Agent approves!

I agree have an awesome partying and pong tourney! I do hope you win and do not regret playing later that night! Cannot wait to hear all about that! =D

jdsanc said...

Okay. Got to FYI you because you said your partying skills were not honed in college which most likely means you do not know about BCPowder which is the best hangover remedy ever. Especially when taken before the champagne Prosecco whatever. Might come in handy for the beer pong party, though not so sure what's involved there.

PS I'm a mac girl, too. Best big bucks ever spent, seconded by my hoover vacuum. How sad is that?

Anonymous said...

LOL...too funny!!! Hangover from Prosecco - poor thing!

Good luck with the WiP

Kimberly Derting said...

I am crazy superstitious about discussing my WIP, so I totally get the derailing the mojo thing. Keep it on the DL, sister!

Oh, and you should take pics of your beer pong party. And share. I love shares. (especially of the drunken variety)

JennyMac said...

Ahhh, light and bubbly. And dangerous. Beer pong causes hangovers too. LOL. Good luck with all ahead!

Corey Schwartz said...

Ha! Ha! Despite all my efforts, people continue to find my blog ONLY through typing 'thing 1 and thing 2" :(

XiXi said...

Lol, those funny people who search funny things.

Beer pong only causes hangovers if you can't convince someone to drink it for you.

Sherrie Petersen said...

I love your excitement for the new project. If it's as good as you are excited, your agent will love it, too.

You will LOVE the Mac. I'll answer any questions you have. As long as you're not hung over, it's very easy to use :)

Sarah Wylie said...

The wheels of my mind are turning. Give Prosecco to Laura. (Or wait until she's won beer pong.) Isolate Lisa, wave Twizzlers in her face and make her talk. I so badly want to know what your new project is! Or this fantabulous name.

However, I understand the superstition with blabbing and writer's block. I'll just wait patiently.

You guys have a fun weekend! (And yay on getting a Mac!)

Danyelle L. said...

Have a great weekend! Yay for writerly enthusiasm and Macs! O:)


I'm not used to you being super-sneak about your writing ideas. I don't like it! Come on ... you know you want to tell us. j/k-not really. :)

Good luck with the Mac. My husband has one, and I had to use it when my crap PC was out of commission. It took me 15 minutes to figure out how to pull up a web browser, and he had a different one that I'm used to and nothing was where I wanted it to be. Eventually I said "Aaaagggahhhhh!!!!" and shoved it back to him. I haven't tried again since. I'm not good with change.

p.s. second ep of 10 Things = (a) not as bad as the first or (b) I'm doing that thing already, where I know it sucks so I start to expect less from it so that, not only am I less disappointed afterward, but I trick myself into thinking it's actually decent. Bianca is a cheese grater. I NEED to punch her in the face. And you're right: he's no Heath Ledger, but Patrick = pretty darn good looking. I haven't noticed his lack of acting ability so much, since he doesn't say anything. His talentlessness (nope, I'm sure it's not a word) is far overshadowed by the cheese grater.

p.p.s. "absconded" was my favorite part. The cops took that pig escape pretty seriously. I'm expecting they'll file criminal charges soon.


Little Ms J said...

A few things here, ladies.

1. jdcoughlin knows her stuff. BC Powder may taste nasty, but all the punk rockers I used to hang out with carried it in their chain-laden wallets. Caused a little confusion when they'd get in trouble with the law, but they were rebels and it gave them a story.. and usually a tight baseline and some lyrics.

2. Prosecco should be respected, much like the ocean and thongs. They are all beautiful, but can turn on you any minute.

3. I have never played beer pong in my entire life, but I will pass your number on to the dude in Newport Beach that calls me every other week at 3 a.m., "Heeeeey! I was just thinking about you, Beer Pong Girl." My husband begins to stir and demand the phone while I explain, "Dude, your Beer Pong Girl gave you the wrong number. I've told you at least three times... I've never played Beer Pong, I don't have a friend name Blake and we never hung out." He always says, "Whatever," and hangs up on me until he's drunk and horny once again. Please let me send him your way.

lisa and laura said...

Christina - Partying like a college student is going to be interesting when we have to wake up with two kids on Sunday morning. Something tells me this is a really bad idea...

Tara - I had flashbacks of the the two of us downing Mums Champers in the Pottery Barn. I loved our champers phase in college. Ooh, and you're going to DIE when you hear about the next book. Seriously...the topic will definitely resonate with you. Think Differdange.

Katie - Prosecco is Italian champagne and it's my kryptonite. As for beer pong, I refuse to drink the nasty beer and I SUCK. Now flip cup...that's a whole different story...

Sara - I think regret is going to be a key component of this weekend. We'll force our husbands to take pictures for the blog. They'll tease us mercilessly, but it will be worth it.

JD - You are a wealth of info! What is this magic powder of which you speak and where can one purchase it? I'm thinking we'll need to make a pit stop on our way to Laura's house tomorrow.

Kimberly - Drunken pictures shall be our gift to you. Just know that it probably won't be pretty. The Roecker women aren't known for being able to hold their alcohol.

Jenny - Welcome! We're going to need more than luck to survive tomorrow...

Icy - I like the way you think...

Corey - You should let us do a guest blog. Just imagine the possibilities! You'll have all kinds of crazy stat counter hits after that.

Sherrie - You're going to be my official Mac tutor once I get it next week.

Sarah - I can't believe you're considering using Twizzlers against me! Smart girl.

Danyelle - 5,000 words and counting...let's hope we can keep this up!

Jess - I'm the worst at keeping secrets. Laura is going to wake up one morning to find out that I've posted the first 250 words on the blog and she's going to kill me. It's only a matter of time.

LMJ - #3 is one of the funniest things I've ever read. Awesome. And if I would have known that prosecco could turn on my like a thong, I never would have taken the first sip. Damn thongs.

Shelli (srjohannes) said...

i just got my first mac and am still geting use dto it. better than learning windows vista :)

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