Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wednesday Confessions

Ok, I've been doing some things that I'm not that proud of lately and it's time for me to come clean. My guilty conscience just can't take it anymore. So here it goes...don't hate me.

1. I've been watching 10 Things I Hate About You. No, not the movie. The TV show. I know, I KNOW. I'm sure Heath Ledger is rolling in his grave, but in spite of the terrible acting (oh and the acting is BAD. Like MTV Undressed bad.), I sort of love it. I mean how do you not like a show that makes fun of man scarves and includes dialogue like this:

Bianca (terrible actress and incredibly grating): I'm in the middle of a major crisis. Chastity thinks I'm a total goodie goodie.
Kat (probably the best actress on the show and in spite of some over the top sarcasm, I sort of like her. She's no Julia Stiles, but she'll do.):  That is a major crisis. It ranks right up there with the global recession and the collapse of the Arctic Shelf. Let's turn on the radio and see if Bono wrote a song about you.

Yes, I laughed out loud watching a show on ABC Family that's targeting 12-year-old girls. Deal with it.

2. I'm starting to feel bad for PC on NYC Prep. I know, I know. I did that whole d-bag-o-meter post about him and he really is an asshole. But I'm starting to think he's maybe just been stuck inside the closet for too long, which would make anyone a little bitchy, right? 

I think that PC needs to come out of the closet and ditch all of the fame whores who are trying to take advantage of him and his insane trust fund. Yeah, yeah, I guess I really do have a soft spot for poor little rich boys. Especially if they're bi-curious. For the record, being bitchy and gay is totally different than being bitchy and straight.

3. I have purchased and read L.A. Candy. I wanted it to be terrible. I wanted to hate it, but really it's just a mildly entertaining beach read. You can't even tell how the characters correlate to the girls on the Hills which is uber annoying. 

Rumors abound that LC hired a ghost writer to write the thing, so I kept imagining how their writing process worked. 

A poor, starving, overworked ghost writer picks up her phone wearing yoga pants with a hole in the crotch and a yellowing white wife beater.

Ghost Writer: Hello?
LC: It's me.
Ghost Writer: Oh...hi, Lauren. The books coming along great I just had this great idea for a plot twist -
LC: Yeah, yeah, fantastic. Chapter 10, hot blue dress and I'm annoyed with a camera man for looking at me funny.
Ghost Writer: Um...ok. Why were you annoy-
LC: Ok, gotta run. Pinkberry calls! Kisses!
Ghost Writer: *Stares at her disconnected phone and cries.*

4. I'm considering leaving my family and running away with a fictional character. Oh, and he happens to be a fallen angel named Patch. Yeah, that's right, I finished HUSH, HUSH. It was a fabulous read and I wholeheartedly agree with the predictions that it will be the next Twilight

Jealous? As soon as Laura is done reading we'll hold a little contest to give our copy away to one lucky reader, so stay tuned.

Whew, I feel so much better now that I've gotten all that off my chest. Confessions of your own? Please share in the comments.


Corey Schwartz said...

Ha! (on #4) I just saw Defiance, and I might have to run away with Daniel Craig.

casiecook said...

I ate a piece of stale birthday cake and half a bad of Baked Doritoes for dinner last night. Eeek. One more thing...I'm reading your blog right now instead of watching the three boys I'm getting paid to watch.

ali cross said...

ROFL This is my first time here (thanks ElanaJ!) and your blog is awesome. I especially loved #3 in your confessions there. Fun stuff.

For me? I don't know ... do I know you well enough to share my confessions? Ah, but that's the joy of blogworld, right?

Let's see ... I just ate a whole Symphony bar and licked the wrapper clean. It was getting melty. And I don't feel even a little guilty about it. So there.

Kristen, spinning said...

I've been away (at one of those paythebills tediums) and I missed your blog! I just saw the new website and I love it. Just love it. It's perfect. Congratulations on the agent; that is just wonderful news. Can't recall if that happened when I took my little vacation or during, I know I knew, but not sure if I said anything. Anyways, glad to see you are still at it!!

Weronika Janczuk said...

A delicious Girl Scouts blizzard from Dairy Queen--large. Yes, I did share it with my mom, but that's a lot of ice cream, and I loved it.

I especially liked #4--that's a book get my hands on.

You are too funny. :)

Elana Johnson said...

You guys always make me snarf out loud!

Christina Lee said...

heh heh LA Candy- I kept eyeing that at the store out of sheer curiosity but was too embarassed to buy it. SO, remove the big E tatoo from my arm and somehow turn it into a P? yikes not ready to read it yet - I just got over the other obsession...

Loretta said...

Um, I was at Target and heard a ten-year-old girl read "post-it notes" from her school supply list, so I raced her to the end-aisle display when I noticed only one package left.

I told my boy the dorky $29.99 pair of Nikes were awesome and said the super-cool $69.99 pair would give him "loser feet."

I watched Real Housewives of Orange County AND Real Housewives of Atlanta last night.

I had embarrassingly cougarish thoughts about Daniel Radcliff while watching HP 6.

How's that?

Tess said...

I think this is why kindles are so popular. You can be reading trashy books you'd be too embarrassed to read in public and no one knows.

And, by you I mean me ;)

XiXi said...

Haha, you have the patience of a saint in watching these shows. And--poor ghostwriter! I can totally imagine this happening.

Now, my curiosity is peaked about this "Hush, Hush" thing.

confused homemaker said...

I don't get NYC Prep & yet I'll admit that I've watched it, I know I'm easy but it's so worth the walk after.

Rebecca Knight said...

Hahahaha, I love Wednesday Confessions!

Okay, here goes:

1) I cried at the season finale of the Bachelorette. It was just. so. romantic. (I'm a loser)

2) One of my dinners this week consisted solely of KFC chicken and beer. To rationalize, my husband and I convinced ourselves that since it has "11 herbs and spices" that it's like a tiny salad in our mouths with each bite of fried chicken skin.

3) Someone made a joke at work about macing someone who annoys them, and I said they should stalk them, memorize their schedule so they know when they go to the bathroom, then spray all of the toilet paper with bear spray right before they go in. Apparently, although usually nice, I'm also pure evil :D.

That felt good. Am I absolved?

Traci said...

What have I done...hmmm. I looked this up specifically because I knew the two of you would get a kick out of it:

Traci said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sarah Wylie said...

1. I couldn't get into NYC Prep but I have managed to get hooked on 10 Things.
2. When I saw Bianca from that show, I was all, "Oh, hey! Isn't that the girl from Camp Rock...or was it Bratz the movie"?

I can't wait to read Hush, Hush.


1. I feel a little juvenile saying this, but I. Hate. Bianca. She makes me want to rip out my fingernails. But do I still watch? Yep, I can't stop. And I really do kind of like Kat. Definitely no Julia Stiles, but she has something. Same with the non-Heath kid. Bad actor, but I still like him. Sigh--I thought I was over my bad boy fascination already.

2. Oh. My. Gawd ... I knew something was missing in my life! I don't know why, but my DVR stopped recording NYC Prep. I haven't seen it since the Mexico trip. Eeeeek! Maybe I can catch up online?

3. Gasp! That's all I can say. :) And LOL about the ghostwriter convo. I 100% buy that happening.

4. You really MUST stop bragging about your ARC. It's just cruel. *thinks of some way to retaliate ... SCBWI! :oP


p.s. I laughed out loud at 10 Things as well. Maybe more than once.

And I ate 3 cookies today. 3!! And it's not even dinner time.

Danyelle L. said...

I am a zombie. Really. I can't remember the last time I was able to sleep through the night. Oh, yes. It was before the chipmunks. O:)

Rebecca L Sutton said...

OK, I will fight anyone to get my hands on that copy of HUSH HUSH! I mean that! I must win the contest. My sister and I are dying to read it. I love Becca's blog and the excerpts I have read sound amazing. Please please make it a contest I can win.

I'm done pleading now...

Oh my confession is watching The Secret Life of the American Teenager. It is painful at times with the amount of times per show they say the word sex and the acting isn't exactly fabulous most of the time. Still I lpve it and I'm 30 yrs old. WTF is with that?

I'm sad you didn't hate LA Candy. It seems so hateworthy! If it was at all enjoyable it surely had to be written by a ghost writer. And no doubt she would have a hole in the croth of her yoga pants.

lisa and laura said...

Hmm...I like these Wednesday confessions, the Catholic in me wants to do this every Wednesday, just to clear the air.

Corey - There's no shame in running away with a movie star.

Casie - Even your confessions are cute!

Ali - I have no idea what a symphony bar is, but I want one. Now. Oh, and welcome! We love having new readers especially via the fab ElanaJ.

Spin - You're back! Can't remember if I spell your name Kristin or Kristen. Welcome back to blogging! We missed you, but real jobs are good too. Sadly, blogging doesn't pay the bills.

Elana - We love snarfage. That is such an Elana-ism.

Christina - Dare I say it? Patch is about 1,000 times hotter than Edward. Seriously. I'm team Patch any day of the week. Can't wait to hear what others think.

Loretta - I love you. Seriously. Hilarious. I love that you beat out a child for post it notes, but I especially love that you lie to your son about shoes. I do that all the time and for that reason my son thinks that penny loafers are super fast shoes, but the Diego tennis shoes that light up (courtesy of my MIL) are super slow and can't be worn outside of the house. Mother of the year, right here.

Tess - It's no coincidence that I read L.A. Candy on my Kindle.

Icy - You will love Hush, Hush. I predict...

Confused - Sadly, I don't think I'll ever outgrow trashy teen television. It must be in my DNA.

Rebecca - You are so absolved. I think my favorite part is the KFC spices counting as a salad. Hilarious!

LitGirl - Ahh...the GaGa. She's so aptly named, no?

Sarah - I love that you recognized Bianca from other teeny bopper television. That's impressive!

Jess - Never fear! Bravo runs NYC Prep marathons all the time. You need only set your TiVo and wait patiently for the horrors of overindulged city kids to appear on your screen. And I'm so with you on the not-Heath. He's hot. Can't read a line to save his life, but HOT.

Danyelle - I vote you start taking half an Ambian stat. They gave me one once when I was preggers (shocking, I know!) and it was seriously one of the best nights of my life.

Rebecca - Don't get me wrong, L.A. Candy was not good. But it was readable, and that alone is pretty shocking. As for the contest, we promise to make it an easy one. We might even force our mom to compete. She's dying to get her hands on that book too.

Little Ms J said...

1. I popped my hip out and pointed my toe at the curb when Mr. J and I ran into My First Blind Date Ever today, who happens to know my husband. I had to look really skinny and totally hot so he'd realize that he totally effed up by never calling me again. I made sure to unstick the pose by the time Mr. J turned around.

2. I lied about a 4 p.m. appt to go to Pilates instead of meeting a new "lead."

3. I accidentally sprayed myself with room spray in the ladies bathroom, thinking it was body spray. I now smell like a forest.

JennyMac said..., and only now, after your praise of that book might I consider reading it. LOL. And I do not know either 10 things or NYC Prep. Please just let LOST come back on soon. :)

lisa and laura said...

LMJ - I think you should be crowned queen of the comments. As usual your comment is funnier than my post. Damn you.

Jenny Mac - LOST! Can't wait till it's back. But then I'm sort of dreading the inevitable depression that will follow the last episode EVER. I think I might cry. Especially because you just KNOW that it's not going to tie everything up into a neat little bow. There will inevitably be questions. Lots and lots of questions.

Sherrie Petersen said...

You crack me up!

Okay, book confession, I bought "Losing It" by Valerie Bertinelli. I loved her on "One Day at a Time" and Eddie Van Halen was my Guitar Hero. I've felt so guilt about buying it I haven't even read it yet. But I will. I wonder who her ghostwriter was...

And why aren't you giving away LA Candy? =)

Katie Anderson said...

I agree. I think you need to give away LA candy and then send Hush Hush to me on the DL :-)

Just sayin'

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