Thursday, February 17, 2011

Bookinistas: Author Jen K. Blom Takes Over the Blog!

Today, we are lucky enough to have the lovely Jen K. Blom joining us to share a bit about her upcoming book. Take it away, Jen!

Welcome to the POSSUMS ARE AWESOME blog tour for the middle-grade book, POSSUM SUMMER, coming out in March! (Have you preordered yet?)

My darling buddies Lisa and Laura (or LiLa, as they're known online -these two are ultra-popular!!) have been wonderful enough to have me on their blog today. Of course I brought a straggler.

First off, a little about the book:

a lonely kid.
an orphaned baby possum.
a dad that says no way.
how do you keep that kind of secret?

and what happens when you’re found out?

Here we go!
LiLa: Have you ever held a possum before?

JKB: Yes! I had one when I was a kid, and it came about in exactly the way P found hers!
LiLa: The question on everyone's mind: why possums? Have you always had a soft spot for those long tales?
JKB: I always thought they were gross before I actually had one. And they always scared me because you could never figure out if they were just playing dead or really were. But they grew on me quickly after I adopted my little possum. And possums are ALWAYS better than rats. (Ha ha Ha!!)

LiLa: If you could choose one child star to be caught red handed reading Possum Summer who would it be???

JKB: Oh! :-D That's hard to say. I think the one person I'd love to see reading it would be Sheldon from Big Bang Theory. You know, in between reading papers on mind-bending and working on his String Theory, he could read about the correct way to massage a baby possum so he took a poo. (See kids? You learn SO MUCH in POSSUM SUMMER!)

Princess: And now the PINK HAIRED LADIES!

JKB: LiLa, P. P, LiL--

P: I know them! I see them on that Birdcall twooter thing you've got and Mart showed me their BOOK! The girl has PINK HAIR! (He said he preordered it because of the plot, but I know he thought that girl was cute!) What do you like to eat?

LiLa: Our mom's home made spaghetti and ice cream.

P: Hey, spaghetti's pretty good! And ice cream is always good. I approve!

JKB: Like you need to, squirt.

P: SHHHH. So what do you do for fun? I know you got kids, isn't that fun enough?

LiLa: Dicking around on the internet. (I wish we were kidding...) If that doesn't count as an activity, we both go to the gym a lot. And watch a lot of bad television. And read really great books. Wow, reading over this answer makes me sad.

P: OOOooOoH! *whispers to JKB* They said the D WORD. The D WORD! WOW! When I'm big I can say that too, right? Huh, right? I CAN'T WAIT TIL I'M GROWN UP. What's really interesting about you?

LiLa: Hmmm....this is tricky. Laura has a widow's peak and Lisa has a big nose.

P: Hm. But you're both so exciting, and energetic! And funny! And you have PINK HAIR! And you say words like di -- *quick look at JKB* -- THE D WORD! Hey ok, I drew you here!:
P: So otters! I saw two once. Otters are so happy and pretty and I don't know what a widow's peek is but they have cute big noses, don't you think? And these two are PINK, right, and they are HIGH FIVING! Hey, you know when you write another book "P" is a real good name --

[Editorial Note from Lila: Otters with PINK hair! *dies*]


JKB: Thanks so much for the drive-by, ladies! I apologize for the devil that tagged along!

Jen K. Blom writes about animals, the land, and kids, not necessarily in that order. Her debut, POSSUM SUMMER, is available March 2011.

Just the thing to give to a kid to start their summer of reading off right! (Available from your local indie, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Borders, or Book Depository!)

Seen the book trailer yet?

Want more POSSUMS ARE AWESOME blog tour tidbits? Go here and knock yourself out!

Thanks so much for stopping by, Jen! So. Much. Fun.

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Unknown said...

This post made my day!!! Here I am enjoying a wonderful breakfast sandwich from Jack in the Box and reading about Possum Summer (which sounds super fun)!

That being said a girl who wants Sheldon Cooper from Big Bang Theory to read the novel is all sorts of awesome (he's the best) so I'm sold. Pre-ordering now!!!

PS I talk about my love for pink hair and LiLa on the blog today if you wanna sneak a peek!

Jess said...

Very cute joint interview! I am really excited to read BOTH of your books. Middle grade holds a special place in my heart, and Jen's book has been on my list since I saw it on the Project Mayhem website :)

Hardygirl said...

Well, this looks so durn cute.

But, we usually eat possums down here in Mississippi. Just kidding. Well sorta. I don't eat them, but some people who live out in the counties do.

Sorry P! But, I can assure you that you'll be safe if you decide to stop in on a book tour in Oxford.


Christine Fonseca said...

very cute looking book!

Mundie Kids said...

Great interview! I'm looking forward to reading Possum Summer!

Mundie Kids said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
JKB said...

Jen - So fun! You are a Sheldonite too? *runs to Twitter to look you up* :D

Jess, I'm so excited you are looking forward to PS! I can tell you *drops voice to whisper* that every time you recommend POSSUM SUMMER, a little possum gets his wings!

Miss Hardygirl-I think you've traumatised P. But then she said to tell you 'well, that possum ain't Ike, 'cause he's down in our bottoms, so that's okay'.

So I think you narrowly missed disaster.

Christine, Thank you! :D

Mundie Laydeez - yours is on its way! I can't wait to see what you think of it!

Stasia said...

Just gotta otters rock!

Bethany Wiggins said...

Jen's my agency sister. Her book sounds awesome! Great interview, gals.

Carolina M. Valdez Schneider said...

P's a total cutie. I could squeeze her cheeks. Loved to see the tables turned on your guys. Possum Summer looks like a super cute read, too!

JKB said...

Stasia - Pink otters DO ROCK! \o/

Bethany - Agency sis FTW! Thanks for the props, lady!

Carolina, I don't know that you would want to have the ramifications of attempting to squeeze P's cheeks. :-D Thanks for the nice words tho!

Unknown said...

Very fun interview.
I'm your 1111 follower, how cool is that. (sorry for mentioning but I couldn't resist to draw your attention to it, well, and to me. Just saying...)
Nahno ∗ McLein

Matthew MacNish said...

I didn't know you guys knew each other. I love Jen!

Shana Silver said...

Great interview! I loved the questions you asked!

Cory Jackson said...

I love these guest posts. And pink otters rule!

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