Wednesday, February 9, 2011

In Which We Decide to Go Pink

Laura: Must start filming vlogs for the blog tour.
Lisa: I refuse to film without pink hair.
Laura: You're such a diva.
Lisa: Does Amazon sell pink wigs?
Laura: Probably. I mean, they sell this.
Lisa: Wait, what does a beer bong have to do with pink hair?
Laura: Nevermind. The good news is that they have wigs. The bad news is that crazy-colored wigs make you look ugly.
Lisa: Me specifically?
Laura: Well, really anyone. One year, I was Christina Aguilera for Halloween and wore a platinum blonde wig. I had to burn the pictures.
Lisa: You were also wearing leather chaps. Maybe that had something to do with it?
Laura: Well, maybe. It also might have been the do-rag...
Lisa: Perhaps.
Laura: Either way, you're on your own. With the wig, I mean.
Lisa: You underestimate my power to pull things off.
Laura: Like when you got clear braces?
Lisa: For the record, from a distance, they were totally invisible.
Laura: Are you forgetting about the colored rubber bands you opted for? You spent 3 years looking like you had color coordinated pieces of food stuck in your teeth.
Lisa: Yeah, in retrospect that might not have been the best choice.
Laura: You know what was worse? When you let me give you chunky orange highlights.
Lisa: Ooh, highlights...that's a good idea! A compromise perhaps?
Laura: I don't know....
Lisa: Don't make me go all 7th Grade Sleepover on your ass and dye your hair pink while you're sleeping.
Laura: Fine. You win. I'll wear the damn fake hair.
Lisa: Fabulous. Go ahead and place the order for a few sets.
Laura: Wait, I'm paying?
Lisa: Obviously.
Laura: I hate you.
Lisa: I know.


Matthew MacNish said...

I was going to ask whether dying was an option, but I see you covered that, as a threatened ultimatum at least. And since when do crazy colored wigs make you look ugly? Not that I would know or anything.

Laura Pauling said...

I love the pink hair in support of your book. I think it was kind of a given. :)

Katie Anderson said...

There is nothing funner than pink wigs. It says, "We're fun AND daring." I wish you'd do a signing here.


Stina said...

I want a wig just like Kate has, though pink chunks would be cool too . . . until they fade. Then I've heard they're not too cool, but better than the green color that blue fades to.

Corey Schwartz said...

Oh, it's wigs! I somehow thought you photoshopped it1 I was going to ask how you got so tech savvy.

Sandy said...

Ha awesome! Reading this was a great start to my day, that and drinking coffee. I wore a wig once for Halloween it was mainly black with a strip of pink and blond. They are fun but most uncomfortable. If I'd know about wig caps I would have gotten one.

Aleeza said...

if you guys look like the way you do in your profile pic, im sure y'all are gonna rock that wig. :D

storyqueen said...

Can.Not.Wait. for the pics!!

Go Pink Girls! Go!


Lola Sharp said...

I secretly wish we could all have rainbow colored hair...I'd like pink and purple and aqua. Sadly, I'm past the expiration date whereby I can pull it off.

I can't wait to see the vid. :)

Will there be short plaid skirts, too?

Little Ms J said...

Just wear heavier liner/eye make up. Otherwise garish colored wigs make you look washed out. I know. I've spent years trying to figure out how Jennifer Garner does it in Alias.

Magan said...

Are these conversationst he same way that LIAR SOCIETY was written? Just back and forth convos?

Shari said...

Love the dialogue. It sounds like my sister and me! Or is that my sister and I? Anyway, great pic in the pink amazon wigs. Oh dear, that makes it sound like you are amazon women. I didn't mean it like that. Anyway, enough rambling and you know what I mean. Right?

Tere Kirkland said...

Ha! Can't wait for the pink-wigged madness that will be the vlog! ;)

Elana Johnson said...

LOL! Dude, just Kool-Aid it up. You guys have light hair, right? Totally use Kool-Aid.

Becca Puglisi said...

Excellent idea, Ladies. I once wore a platinum chin-length bob wig with pink streaks. Admittedly, it looked a little weird, so I borrowed my sis-in-law's DDD bra and stuffed it within an inch of its life. Much better. So, if all else fails... ;)

Becca @ The Bookshelf Muse

Nicole Zoltack said...

lol Too funny.

XiXi said...

I have fake pink extensions lying around somewhere. If I can find them, I'll wear them in honor of your book release in March. I'm so excited to finally read THE LIAR SOCIETY!

Christa Desir said...

You two are seriously my favorite people that I have stalked EVER. Do you think that Puck could be convinced to go pink if it were for a good cause like LIAR SOCIETY launch, I mean breast cancer awareness?

Tana said...

My Dd has a pink wig left over from Halloween. It tends to slide around. You'll need bobby-pins or wig tape or crazy glue. Whichever. ;)

Angela Ackerman said...

ROTF. You gals are awesome, seriously!

Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse

Christina Farley said...

You guys crack me up!

Sherrie Petersen said...

Forget the damn fake hair. You two need to go balls to the walls and dye your hair pink. Casey McCormick has purple hair right now. Y'all can rock a nice shade of pink!!

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