Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tell the Truth Tuesday Lydia Style

Lisa had a migraine and started a blog post I was supposed to finish. This is what happens when she leaves me to my own devices. It's like she went into labor all over again...

1. Just this past weekend I bragged that I've never had to deal with a pukey kid. I even went so far as to knock on wood. Lydia threw up all day yesterday.

2. During a playdate someone cued up Toy Story. Lydia's eyes bugged out and she said, "Mommy! Those toys are talking!" Apparently, we live under a rock. Or we don't own a DVD player. Or both.

3. We are having some work done on our house right now so a contractor has taken over the kitchen. Lydia went to the bathroom the other night and refused to let me pull up her pants. She wanted the contractor to see her underwear. Um...NO.

4. My cell phone does absolutely nothing but make phone calls. Lisa jokes that it's a Jitterbug. Lydia got her little paws on a friend's iPhone and proceeded to foam at the mouth while pushing all sorts of buttons. Apparently squishing ants and flipping through alphabet flash cards is toddler crack.

5. Lydia, Jack and Mia are obsessed with playing "light up swords," which means they go in a dark room with flashlights and jump around like crazy people. Today at Target marks the second time Lydia's said, "Hmm...that's a light up sword" referring to a person walking with a cane.

Sorry, Lisa, I just couldn't resist.

Any good truths out there this Tuesday?


Matthew MacNish said...

It sounds like you may have a child prodigy on your hands. That means like a genius.

Way to go Lydia!

Stina said...

Just wait until Lydia's a teen. Hopefully she's over her flashing-her-underwear-at-contractors phase by then.

The worst thing about having three kids is that once one is all pukey, they all end up being all pukey. The smart way to deal with it is to pretend to be asleep (though honestly I was asleep) and your husband has to deal with it. ;)

Katie Anderson said...

I LOVE Lydiaisms! This made me smile. "Look, Mom! Those toys are talking!"

And the kid crack of squishing ants.

And anything that has to do with light up swords.

Oh! and wanting to show the contractor her panties. ha! My girls loved our contractors too. My youngest was always wanting me to drive her around the neighborhood to find Billy the painter.

S.A. Larsenッ said...

Sorry about the puke incident. Can't believe you haven't been puked on. Crapper...my kids were masters at it.

And showing the contractor her underwear...my 7yr-old refuses to wear underwear. He's into commando. OMGosh...I can't get him to wear them! Eh...he's kid #4. Does it really matter at this point??

Kerri Cuev said...

I'll take puke any day than a teen hiding their progress report grrrr!

Becca said...

Well, everyone including myself has had to deal with my niece when she's puking -- everyone except her mother. That's the last time I stand directly in front of her while I brush her teeth.

Kelly Lyman said...

I love you Tell the Truth Tuesdays! Number 3 is my favorite!! Oh, little kids are such fun, aren't they!

Tracey Neithercott said...

This was all hysterical by I was DYING when I read "she wanted the contractor to see her underwear." Oh goodness you're in for it when she becomes a teen. May I suggest home schooling?

Little Ms J said...

Hilarious. Were the special day of the week underwear, superhero kinda things, or do we have a flasher on our hands?

lisa and laura said...

My truth: Jack's preschool wasn't cancelled today so I had to schlep all three kids to school in a foot of snow. It took FOREVER. Traffic was a bitch and we missed the car pool line for drop off. I seriously considered turning around and driving back home instead of getting all three kids out of the car.

But then I spotted a mom that I'd seen around the school. She was already out of the car walking her daughter in, so I rolled down my window and asked if she would mind walking Jack to his class room.

Yes, you read that right. I let a semi-stranger schlep my 5-year-old into preschool.

The absolute best part was when I told Jack that he was walking in with friends and he looked the lady and her daughter and then looked back at me and said, "That's NOT my friend, Mommy." Um, sorry buddy. She's your friend today.

I'll bet all of you $10 that there's an item in the school newsletter next week about not sending your children in with other parents for my benefit.

Mother of the year. Right here. Feel free to mail in your nominations at your earliest convenience.

Nicole Zoltack said...


My 2 year old loves loves loves his father's iPhone. At first the flash cards we're enough but no longer. He'll open other apps, call people, hang up. He knows how to slide the thingy across. Sometimes we have to give it to him to keep him quiet during Church. #churchfail

Shannon O'Donnell said...

LOL. Number three had me laughing out loud, but these are all too cute!! :-)

Dara said...

LOL, I loved #3. Hysterical!

My truth: Winter blows. I want spring and I want it now. LOL.

Marsha Sigman said...

Light up swords are pretty cool.

Once my husband and I got into a huge fight over who ate the last cherry popsicle. I mean this fight is still one of the biggest we have ever had.

It was totally me who ate it.

But I will never admit to it anywhere but here.

Miriam Forster said...

*giggle* Those are awesome.

I'm looking forward to getting older so I can carry around a cane. But I won't use it to walk, I'll use it to poke people and whack their shins if they annoy me. True fact. :)

Jemi Fraser said...

Lydia is going to bring you lots and lots of joy! :)

ali cross said...

LOL Laura, those were good! Lydia sounds like a firecracker. Good luck with that. ;)

No truths for me. I only tell lies. :D

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