Monday, March 7, 2011

The Liar Society Launch Party of Virtual Proportion #4

Hello, again. The "fun" just never stops over here at Lisa and Laura Write. And yes, if we were talking in person I would most definitely be using air quotes when I say the word "fun."

Anywho, thanks for returning to our Liar Society launch party highlights.

Here's how it works:
  • You'll have two hours to enter each contest;
  • If you tweet "Stop by @landlroecker's The Liar Society Launch Party of Virtual Proportions to win frawesome books!" you'll earn yourself an extra entry.
  • We'll be announcing the winners on Twitter as the day goes on so be sure to follow along.

And now for some more pictures, some tears and LOTS of exclamation points!

Our neglected husbands making their blog debut.

Tears. Our best friend/beta ninja/psychologist/herbalist Loretta Nyhan drove in as a surprise!
Meet in person. Check!

Erica Chapman and Melanie Hooyenga drove in as well! So. Much. Fun.

Our Grandma and #1 fan!

Drum roll please for another giveaway:

Fill out this form to win a copy of SEAN GRISWOLD'S HEAD by Lindsey Leavitt and Rival by Sara Bennett Wealer. We'll draw the winner at 4 PM EST.


Melanie Hooyenga said...

It was SO MUCH FUN meeting you both! And Loretta! And your grandmother! And the Regulator!



Loretta Nyhan said...

So super fun! I had a blast!

Lola Sharp said...

Awww, Grandma is beyond lovely! And yay for supportive husbands! :)

Danyelle L. said...

Wish I could have been there! Congrats, and so happy for you! And finally got my copy this morning. *very happy*

Alyssa said...

Awww your grandma is so cute

Maestra Amanda said...

I'm sorry I entered twice...I figured out how to do the direct link to tweet!

Corey Schwartz said...

Hurray for Grandma!!!

Nikki (Wicked Awesome Books) said...

Omg, your Grandma is so cute with her pink hair! I wish I could have attended the launch, but seeing the pictures is the next best thing.

Thank you for this incredible giveaway!

Sara B. Larson said...

Your grandma is so cute. What fun pics. Your launch looked like so much fun, wish I could have been there!

erica m. chapman said...

Ahh! SO very much fun! LOL Your grandma is such a darlin' as is the rest of the Roecker crew!

Loved meeting Loretta too, what an awesome trip!

Thanks so much, ladies ;o)

Marsha Sigman said...

More proof of the awesomeness that is LiLa.

Hot Husbands.
Wicked Cool Grandma.

Does it ever end??????lol I love the pics!

Tricia J. O'Brien said...

Oooo, I wish I could be there. Your grandma must be a hoot, and what great husbands. You rock, Roeckers!

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