Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tell The Truth Tuesday

1. Every time I clean my house I say a little prayer that someone will randomly come over and think my house is this clean all the time. It never happens.

2. It's still really hard for me to have people read things that I wrote. Particularly if it's something I wrote all by myself.

3. The one question from aspiring writers that always annoys the crap out of me is this: "I think I just need someone who can rewrite this book for me and make it good. Is that what your agent or editor did for you guys?" Um, no. No, it is not.

4. It smells like Fall and I sort of love it. Apple picking, pumpkins, hot cider.

5. Jack tied his shoes for the first time last week and I cried. Guess I have the mom gene after all. It's just buried REALLY deep.

6. We might have just sent someone a 10,000 word OUTLINE. Yikes.

7. Laura is probably going to divorce me forever when she wakes up tomorrow and doesn't see a shiny new chapter of THE LIES THAT BIND waiting in our joint inbox. Sorry, Laur! Today is THE day. Promise.

8. Watching The Bachelor Pad makes me feel dirty.

9. I have the funniest quote ever from Laura about boobs, but she'll really kill me if I put it in this post. Since I don't have a new chapter for her to read I'm not going to push my luck.

10. Sometimes I feel like a bad mom when I see the other moms crying as they leave their kids in Kindergarten. Today is the first day that all of the kids will be in school AT THE SAME TIME. No more mommy-tasking and bribing the kids to stay quiet during conference calls. No tears from this girl! Whut! Whut!

And now, TO THE COMMENTS! What's your truth this Tuesday?


Matthew MacNish said...

I remember a great post you guys had about boobs. It was hilarious.

People think someone rewrote YOUR book? That's crazy talk. Should I tell them you rewrote MY query?

Creepy Query Girl said...

School starts monday and I haven't cleaned my house (and I will actually call people to come over when it's done so I can pretend it's that nice all the time). I want to clean and vaccuum my car out so I can feel like I'm one of those 'put together' people when I drop my kids off for the new school year monday. I'm signing up for a 'gymnastics for adults' class even though I'll probably be mentally making fun of anyone else who joined a gymnastic class for adults. I'm willing to drop out if they ask me to wear a leotard.

Lee Nichols said...

1. I clean my house ONLY when people come over.

2. I don't know how people write alone.

3. I'm nervous about starting a new book. I find it daunting every single time. At least, with a 10K outline you're definitely ready to write the book.

4. School doesn't start until the 6th this year. Every parent I talk to is being driven insane. At the moment my child is flashing his naked tush at me and giggling manically.

Unknown said...

Every time I *don't* clean my house, my father drops by unexpectedly.

Every time I *do*? He doesn't.

I'm cursed.

Jemi Fraser said...

I just found out we have company coming, so I have to go clean my house... *sigh*

Marsha Sigman said...

Sometimes I stand in the middle of my living room and close my eyes really tight and wish for it to magically clean itself.

This does not appear to be working so far.

amber colleen said...

What means this word "cleaning"? I don't understand... ;) I ought to be cleaning my room right now, but I have writing to do so the mess can wait another week or so.

Krispy said...

We are cleaning the house right now. It looks like a mini tornado whipped through the living room. -__-

Caryn Caldwell said...

Oh, good! I feel a lot better since you're not crying about your kids being in kindergarten. I still have a few years to go, so maybe I'll feel differently when the time comes, but for now I'd love to have at least a few daycare hours a day.

Kelly H-Y said...


Dara said...

OK I realize it's Wednesday but this week has been...ick.

My truth: pretty sure I'm not a kid person even though I have a baby :P At least not a kid person when I'm babysitting the most rambunctious 4 year old girl in history and trying to take care of a newborn. I'm pretty sure I've nearly pulled my hair out more than a few times this week. :P

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