Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tell The Truth Tuesday

1. This review almost made me cry. I think it's partly because we're really excited to read Wildefire and partly because we've had a soft spot for Karsten ever since he christened us Team Gemini.

2. Lisa criticized my presentation of raspberries and chocolate from last month's bookclub saying they were just "thrown together" and hypothesized that perhaps that's why they "didn't go." I got shiny eyes.

3. I'm pretty sure that I'm the only person watching Love Bites, but it's absolutely adorable.

4. Turns out I'm still really good at writing human resource proposals. I like to think that my proposals are more suspenseful and written in a more compelling voice than the average benefits outsourcing RFP.

5. I have another Lisa vs. the Universe story, but I'm scared to write the blog post because it seems a little absurd that all this crazy crap keeps happening to one person.

6. On the flight home yesterday, Lydia and I were stuck in the pit of the plane--ie, last seat, in front of bathrooms. There was no window and all the people around me had their windows closed giving me absolutely no frame of reference for take off or landing. I felt like I was going to vomit the whole time and unfairly wanted to take it out on the old woman sitting in front of me. I let Lydia kick her seat. 

7. My only consolation on the plane was that no one was sitting beside me so we were able to eat our bean and cheese quesadilla in peace. Yes, we're those people.

8. The AMAZING Catherine Drayton and uber talented, best selling author  Becca Fitzpatrick are going to be chatting about the agent/author relationship at WriteOnCon at 9 EST tonight and I'm praying that everything goes as planned because holy crap it's CATHERINE DRAYTON AND BECCA FITZPATRICK! They are rock stars. Please come. Even if everything goes down in flames it's bound to be entertaining.

What's your truth this Tuesday? Bare it all in the comments.


Christine Danek said...

I love Becca Fitzpatrick. I will have to set a reminder on my computer.
I finished my first draft on my second novel. Yeah, I'm stoked. I have so much revising to do.

Matthew MacNish said...

Truth: even though Karsten is so handsome one might assume there is no way he could be smart enough to be a great writer ... I've actually read the first chapter of Wildefire, and it's really good.

Karsten's no mimbo.

Chelsey said...

Truth: Karsten is in my MFA program (well, he gradumacated last year), and he's the one whose name we use to motivate while slogging away at critiques.

Rebecca T. said...

Yeah for Tell the Truth Tuesday!

My truth today? I *cough*stole*cough* the Tell the Truth idea for my blog post today because I couldn't think of anything else :D

Anonymous said...

I am watching Love Bites too!

My Truth Tuesday is that I'm planning on breaking my No Book Buying rule that is in place to save money and buying five books today and somehow can't bring myself to feel guilty about it!

Gail said...

My truth?
I've been living without air conditioning for 3 days in the South during a 2 week heat wave of temps 90+ and I'm cranky and hot as Hades!
Fortunately the repair guy was able to fix it (I hope) and the temp has dropped from 88 degrees INSIDE to 76. Three days of me sitting around in my skivvies with the shades drawn and the lights off to "keep it cooler" has made me feel like a mole!

Another truth? I attended a Board meeting last night for a charity I work with because I knew the place would be air conditioned. I had planned, originally, to blow it off.

Marsha Sigman said...

I didn't write at all this last weekend and I feel all wrong and...yucky.

Janet Johnson said...

Truth? I just read your book in two days. Loved it! I tried to see if I could tell when the writer changed, but it was seamless. :)

Can't wait to read your next one!

Jemi Fraser said...

My truth? I'm so tired I considered going to bed before supper. Only pride is keeping me on my feet ... or stupidity. Not sure.

Carolina Valdez Miller said...

FYI, the back of the plane is the safest place to be when the plane crashes. Keep that in mind next time you're stuck back there. Laugh at all the people that will go down in flames, those stupid people with windows and views and no idea how godawful those bathrooms smell.

That burrito sounds delicious.

My truth? I have to go to the courthouse tomorrow to pay off a speeding ticket because it's now too late to mail the check and get it in on time. I was secretly hoping that I'd win the lottery and be able to hightail it to New Zealand so I could bail on paying the ticket.

Anissa said...

That was a fantastic chat! Thanks, ladies. :)

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