Monday, June 27, 2011

Today is the Day...

Ben is 3 days away from his 9 month birthday.

And today is his first day at daycare.

Now, when I say daycare, I should mention that I was incredibly lucky to find the single most amazing childcare center in the world less than a mile from my house. Laura went there with me for the first time almost 6 years ago. We took the tour, talked with the owner and Laura instructed me to sign Jack up. And even though I like to pretend to be the bossy, older sister, when Laura tells me to do something, I always listen. And she's always right.

Jack went there for 3 years, Mia went there for 3 years and now it's finally Ben's turn.

And I'm so torn.

On one hand I know it's going to be really good for him to be around other children. And it's only part time. And I'm really, really excited to have a quiet house to work in.

But I'm going to miss my baby.

I'll miss his ridiculous attempts at crawling. His endless supply of drool. How happy he is to see me when he wakes up from one of his marathon naps.

So, yeah. If you see a semi-crazed woman sobbing in a bright red Mom-mobile, it will be me. But don't feel too sorry for me, 10 minutes later that same semi-crazed woman is going to be sipping a latte and takin' care of business on her laptop in a completely silent house.

*Sob* *Cheer* Repeat.


Matthew MacNish said...

Per Stacey you guys owe me pictures of the three of you dressed up as boys. There is evidence of the debt. It's on Twitter.

Now, seriously? Good for you Lisa. It's tough, but eventually you have to let go. My ten year old daughter spent BOTH Father's day and her tenth Birthday at camp last week, and it was really hard for me, but she had a blast, and that's what matters.

Plus, she's TEN, that's like a whole decade, so I need to get over myself.

Cynthia Watson said...


It's just the beginning. Years ago (8 to be exact), I sobbed in the parking lot when the bus pulled away carrying my 10 year old daughter. Her destination: summer camp for a week.

Now I sob if she doesn't go out - LOL!

Crying is a Mother's prerogative!

Lee Nichols said...

Aw, hope it goes well today for both of you!

Kelly Lyman said...

Good for you, Mama! I remember the first time I took my oldes (who was 3 at the time) to preschool. I'm not a very emotional person, but I did have tears in my eyes. As you already know, it will be a blessing to give him some space to learn and grow away from Mom for a few hours and it will give you time to learn and grow too. Sometimes as Mom's I think we feel like we always have to be there (or at least I do.) But, in truth, we have to take care of ourselves first before we can take care of them, and that includes taking a few hours for ourselves to do whatever it is we need to do. I've thought of sending my 8 month old, but he just vomits all day and I'd feel like a bad person making someone else endure it!
Enjoy your quite house (and your latte) for the few hours you have!

Creepy Query Girl said...

Hope he enjoys his time there! I know I enjoy time in quiet house- its so rare around here!

ali said...

Aw. ((hugs)) mama.

And happy writing!

erica and christy said...

My hubby and I worked out our schedules so my kids have only needed a few hours of daycare a week. That makes them VERY MAD because they love daycare and want to go every day! :(

Bethany Elizabeth said...

Oh, best of luck to both of you. It's great that there's such a great daycare nearby, though. :) And a quiet house can be a wonderful thing!

Nicole Zoltack said...

Aw, good luck! I'm sure it's rough. :(

Marsha Sigman said...

I feel your pain and understand your conflicted craziness.

I wish I could say it gets easier.
But hey I'm excited about how much writing you're going to get done!

Jennie Bailey said...

I hope you have a really productive day and the time flies by so you don't miss him too much! Enjoy that latte!

Rebecca Knight said...

E-hugs for you! :)

I'm glad you're going to have some awesome, quiet Lisa Time, though. How great is that going to be?

And if you think the post-nap reaction is good, wait until he's happy to see you after a day away :). Awww.

beck nicholas said...

Aw hugs! Hard but exciting times for mummy to get a little independance.

Angela Ackerman said...

Oh this is a tough one, isn't it? Everything will be fine though, and you will both enjoy & appreciate each other all the more for the small break, I promise!

Angela @ The Bookshelf Muse

Hayley said...

It's always hard. My nephew is just four months old and his mom, my big bro's girlfriend, just went back to work. So he's in day care. She's a mess but it's for the better. Distance makes the heart grow fonder, you'll just appreciate your time with him even more now! Think positive, more writing time!

erica m. chapman said...

Awww, *hugs* Enjoy that quiet house while you can ;o)

Little Ms J said...

Aw, I have tears. I only have four more weeks of maternity leave before I have to head straight from the nursery on a Monday morning to the shower and walk out of the house a career woman once again. I like the nanny, but I do admit I look at her sideways knowing that at some point she will take a big spot in Livi's heart and it is CRUSHING.