Wednesday, September 16, 2009


One of the most interesting things about writing as a team is that oftentimes you forget who wrote what, and sometimes neither person can remember writing it at all. It's actually a little creepy.

But we have to admit that we love those moments when we go through and reread our work and find little gems that we'd forgotten about completely. We think we added this paragraph in our most recent revision of The Haunting of Pemberly Brown, but neither of us can remember who wrote it.

This was what my parents didn’t understand, what I could never explain to my stupid shrink. When I lost Grace, I didn’t just lose one friend, I lost all of my friends. In fact, I’d pretty much lost my whole life. It was like a giant pair of scissors had come along and neatly snipped my life in two. There was now a distinct before and after. Before Grace died and after Grace died. I still hadn’t figured out who I was in the after Grace. For a while there, it was looking like there wouldn’t be an after Grace Kate at all, but I’d decided to stick around. For now.

Do you guys ever do this? Do you write something and almost can't believe they're your words when you read it again? Post an example in the comments or even just your favorite line from your WIP.

Can't wait to read them!


Tess said...

I do look back and think "did I really write that?" but it is quickly answered with a "He** yes, I did, and worked hard at it, too!"

I never totally forget.

And, good news: I now have my own idea whore ... er, fairy. It's my mom. Who knew she was full of plot and character ideas??? Being my mom, I had to change it to 'idea fairy' lest I end up in therapy - hehehe

Mariah Irvin said...

But this time, the lights in my house were off; we sat in the dark next to each other, trying to feel what we couldn’t see.

Lisa and Laura said...

For the record, Lisa totally wrote that paragraph. She says WE can't remember, but she means SHE. I always remember who wrote what--usually because I know I could never come up with the things she does!

MeganRebekah said...

I love that excerpt - awesome!!

Here's what I've been working:
Fire. Like any good cuss word, it contained four letters, and packed a fierce punch.

Rebecca Knight said...

I love the excerpt! :D

I've done this, too, but only with whole poems. I'll go back and have to double-check to make sure they are mine and I didn't accidentally borrow someone else's thumbdrive.

But yeah. They're too embarrassing to post ;).

Frankie Diane Mallis said...

I felt mesmerized like I could have stared at her face for the rest of the night, maybe for the rest of my life-she was so hypnotizing. At the same time, I wanted nothing more than to look away, afraid to look at her head on. It was almost like she was too beautiful, if there was such a thing. She was like the sun. You could look at the light that shined off it, you could shine in it. But you never stared directly at it. That's what she was like.

ElanaJ said...

That's because I wrote that for you. ;-) No, I didn't. But it's fantastic, and I wish I did!

I look back through some of my stuff, and think, "Who wrote this?" If I think of something brilliant I'll come back and post it.

Loretta Nyhan said...

I love that paragraph!

And, yeah, sometimes I look at my stuff and have no memory of writing certain lines. I thought it was aging, or, more likely, that I'm slightly possessed when working!

Hardygirl said...

I love, love, love that paragraph.

And, yes--especially if I haven't looked at my WIP in a few weeks--I often read stuff and can't believe I wrote it (both in a good way and a bad way!).


Christina Lee said...

oh fabulous! this post is timely for me too b/c there are parts of my manuscript I havent read in weeks and I was just going over those today-and it made me love my story all over again and have re-newed passion for it. And yes, I wondered who wrote it!

Here's mine:

For a moment it’s like I am seeing an apparition of the most beautiful ethereal being. My breath catches and I feel a moan escape my lips. She stands gingerly to greet me and has the most wondrous smile on her lips.

I’m almost afraid to go to her, lest I wake from this exquisite dream I'm having. She reaches out to me and I pick her up in a heady embrace. I cannot stop my tears from flowing. The entire world has suddenly fallen away and it is only she and I standing there.

Sarah said...

I love that paragraph.
My brain rattles around in its cage bumping against my forehead, the spaces between my eyes and the back of my head, but I know Dad won’t believe me. I guess this is what I get for yesterday.

Natalie Lloyd said...

Just discovered your blog via Sarahwithachance. Your profile blurb cracked me up! :) In answer to this question, I do this pretty often. Sometimes in a positive way (like, "Whoa. That's good. Where did it come from?" But mostly it happens after I wake up from a writing haze. In those instances I'm embarrassed I'm capable of writing so much suck. :)

storyqueen said...

Okay, I do this EVERY SINGLE DAY!! I never have any idea of what I write from one day to the next! (Maybe I don't even write....maybe it's an elf, writing in my notebook and on my computer as I sleep.....wish he was faster.)

Anyway, I liked this bit. No memory of writing it.

"The dark head that was deep in thought glanced up a Wren. His eyes were a startling color of blue. There weren’t even crayons that color, not even in the box of sixty-four."


Ryan said...

I do that sort of stuff all the time, but its normally from both ends of the spectrum. I'll read something I've written that I think is brilliant and say: Wow! Did I really write this. But on the other end of that there are times when I'll read it and ask: Jesus, who gave the monkey a typewriter?


I don't have any fun examples right now, but if I come across any in the future I will be happy to share.

storyqueen said...

Oops! When I was clicking on comments, the mouse slipped and I accidentally clicked "tiresome". Sorry. You girls are many things, but NEVER tiresome!


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