Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tell the Truth Tuesday: Random Confessions

1. I love cleaning. I know, I know, it's weird, but I love cleaning my house. I put on my iPod, crank up my favorite songs and just start scrubbing. Back when I was gainfully employed I used to have someone clean the house every other week, but now I do it myself and I'm finding it to be sort of therapeutic. My friend once told me that she loved to clean because it's one of the few that provides immediate, tangible results. I love that. I work hard and my house is clean. It's all very zen.

2. I don't hate yoga. I've always been a yoga hater. I'm inflexible, I hate the smell of feet, and I never felt like I was getting a real work out. But then my friend talked me into a power yoga class and I sort of love it. It's relaxing and lovely and I feel like a new person when I leave. So, I'm officially a reformed yoga hater. Namaste bitches.

3. H1N1 scares me. This whole frenzy with people waiting hours in lines for vaccines, the 60 Minutes piece and the rumor that a child died on the table in a local doctor's office has me completely freaked out. I keep having flashbacks to The Stand. Terrifying.

4. I'm a fangirl. After hearing rumors that the Glee cast might tour I've decided that I'll do everything in my power to get front row tickets and wear a Glee t-shirt purchased that very night. Wow, that's a whole new level of Gleek.

5. I haven't been reading lately. I'm half way through this book and it's really not interesting or engaging and yet I feel compelled to finish. Absolutely brutal. I hate it when I get bogged down in a book I don't like because it prevents me from reading something else. And yet if I stop reading I'll always wondered what happened. And I'll feel guilty. Annoying.

Ok, so now it's your turn. Spill your guts in the comments. You know you want to...


Hardygirl said...

I have the same curse--I have to finish a book even if it is the worst book ever written!

Hmm. Confession time. I absolutely HATE the fake pregnancy storyline on Glee. I think it is so stupid . . . everything about it (especially the doctor going along with it, I mean--really??). I was so relieved that they left it out of last week's episode.

I also wish that they would give mohawk guy a normal haircut because he'd be really hot.

And, I'm frustrated with the snail's pace of the entire writing process. Maybe I should try cleaning so I can get some immediate results. Or not.


Hilary Wagner ~ Writer said...

Hey guys! I don't think any of your confessions are bad at all! In fact, if you love cleaning, will you please come over to my house!! Please, oh please! Chicago is not that far from Ohio! ;) I can't stand cleaning!!

My confession:
I've never read Twilight and I have not seen the movie! Just not driven by the whole vampire craze! Although, Ann Rice will make me read again and again. TEAM LESTAT!! Ha, ha!

xoxo -- Hilary

Kimberly Derting said...

I took my son to the doctor yesterday and almost *everyone* in the waiting room was wearing surgical masks. I felt like I was doing more harm than good just by being there. And, hello, are you seriously telling me the H1N1 virus can't escape a paper mask???

I could never do yoga. I can't even touch my toes (okay, not even close). I want to be one of the cool girls with the mats and the cute yoga t's, but I'd probably just make a fool of myself by pulling a hamstring.

And, sorry SF, I think the mohawk guy is hawt (mohawk and all).

Natalie said...

I'm scared of the swine flu too. My two youngest children are vaccinated but my 5-year-old, my husband and I haven't yet. I have asthma so that adds to my fears.

My confession: I haven't done any sort of exercise for the last three months. I was running a couple miles a day but life has been busy (that's no excuse!) I'm feeling very chubby and out of shape.

Little Ms J said...

I will never be a good housewife. I put in too many hours and travel too much and Mr. J is supportive. But, when I see him running around looking for at least one clean pair of boxers and a sock to match the one in his hand I feel a little guilty.

I hate schmoozing even though it is part of my job and I'm good at it. Half the time I'm barely listening. I'm usually thinking about an errand or how badly I want to get to the hot yoga class and will you shut the hell up so I'm not late.

I love hot yoga. It is the only thing to keep me from looking like a lumpy potato.

I signed up for the Vegas Half Marathon and have not had time to train. It is in six weeks and I am so glad Amie isn't running it with me so I don't have to have a heart attack trying to monster train so I can beat her!

I would like to feign an illness today as I sit on my couch in my robe with little Ginger curled on my legs keeping me warm. It would be sooo easy.... and so irresponsible.


confused homemaker said...

H1N1 if it's a pandemic like The Stand then no vaccine will save us because it will mutate--feel better now? Yea, I'm what you call a Debbi Downer. That's my confession.

Loretta Nyhan said...

I love yoga, too (OK, no big surprise there.)!

And I'm worried about the swine flu as well, though I don't think I'll vaccinate the kids. I haven't made a final decision yet, but our ped isn't vaccinating her own kids and our district decided not to participate in the county vaccination program. That gave me pause.

Tuesday confession: After working out I rewarded myself with an entire Dove dark candy bar. I'm all about defeating the purpose.

Corey Schwartz said...

Totally with you on 35. Been not reading "Lucky" by Alice Sebold for months now. I hate memoirs. Only started it because a friend handed it to me one day. And now I am STUCK.

Erica said...

Great post!
I'm a total fangirl Gleek! I LOVE glee- confession- I was actually in a show choir for 2 years in high school :)

Also- I haven't been reading lately either! I'm gearing up for NaNo, so that's taking all the time I have. I am not one that has to finish a book though, if they lose me, they lose me!

H1N1 is everywhere around here. So many schools are closed and I work in a mall office, so yeah I'm a little freaked about it :)

Cleaning-- LOL- um. I'm pleading the 5th on that...

L. W. said...

A Gleek! Love it. Confession: I have yet to see that show. Too nervous about adding one more thing (even a fun thing) to my crazy-busy life.

Confession: I hate laundry. I love how the sheets smell after I hang them outside, but I hate that the job of laundry is never over.

Solvang Sherrie said...

My confessions? Well...

I love cleaning...the toilet. I cannot handle using a dirty toilet and I've been known to clean the bathrooms of friends before using them. Not sure where this compulsion comes from, but there you have it.

I'm a procrastinator. Deadlines save me from myself. I must have them or I will spend too much time in my head. Hello NaNo!

Lisa and Laura said...

I still check Lydia's birth board at babycenter and *gasp* sometimes post.


Icy Roses said...

Wow, same with me for 5. I thought normal people just put down books they didn't like. I always feel compelled to finish, and then I'm really ticked off after it's over because it wasted my time.

I wish I found cleaning therapeutic. It would be better for me and better for my dorm room.

Sarah said...

I'm worried about H1N1 too, but I suspect I already caught it. Not *now*, but, like, two weeks ago. I am also worried that the vaccines might have horrible effects in, like, twenty years. I try not to think about it too much.

I've become a slob. I used to be really organized and neat. Now I spend most of my time pretending to be organized and neat. For example, instead of actually cleaning my room, I'll stuff all my clothes into the back of my closet, create the illusion of organization on my desk (piles are your friend, people. Your friend!) and wave off compliments about my neatness and organization.
It feels so good to finally be honest. I've been so ashamed.

ElanaJ said...

H1N1 terrifies me too. My daughter is sick, and I take her temperature like, every six hours. She has no fever. That means no flu, right??? Right???

I am completely addicted to Pandora. My 40 free hours were gone long ago. Dangit.

I check my email compulsively, making up what I'd like to see there in my head before opening my eyes. I'm still waiting for the emails I'm sending myself.

Mariah Irvin said...

Glee is going on tour?! Huzzah!

I live on a college campus, so everyone's been joking about H1N1 to the point that I'm not very worried about it anymore. If I got it I would totally freak, but that's different.

Suzyhayze said...

1. I'm waiting.
2. I'm reposting old, poorly written post on my blog as I wait.
3. I'm waiting
4. I'm yelling at everyone
5. I'm waiting.
6. Did I confess I was waiting?

Donna Gambale said...

I love cleaning too! And organizing. I'm a freak.
But I could give a flying piece of poo about swine flu... or just the regular flu. Maybe because I'm not a mom. But I'm very anti-panic with epidemics. No clue why.

jessjordan said...

What?! Glee may be touring??? I will travel for that, I am such a Gleek at heart.

Namaste, bitches, indeed!

storyqueen said...

1. I hate cleaning and I suck at it.

2. I feel like life is just moving way to fast these days and there is soooo little down time.

3. I gave up wine in the evening so I could get more stuff done.

4. There is too much to do.

5. (but I didn't give up "whine." hehehe)

Katie said...

Great Post!

I hate schmoozing too. Can't stand cocktail parties because of all that icky small talk. I'd much rather have a quaint dinner with three other couples.

I LOVE the Duggars. I realize this is a tad kooky, but I am getting ready to watch them right now and fired up!

I have a bit of a coat problem. Most girls love shoes. But, I have way too many coats. Every fall I have to avoid those mountain gear stores because I will want a new fleece or some kind of fancy rain gear in neon colors.

Lunar Amyscope said...

I also enjoy cleaning. Mostly because I'm sort of obsessed with being super comfortable, so I will purposefully work up a ridiculous sweat and get myself all gross while cleaning the house spotless, then take a super hot shower with some sort of aromatherapy involved.

I also love Glee, although I'm only on the first season via Hulu.

My confession is that a homeless animal commerical made me cry- bawl, really. I try to blame this on the preggo hormones but who can be sure. I mean, the dog was freshly bathed and wearing a halloween bandana. It crushed me.

I was gonna do all sorts of prenatal yoga....sigh. I epic failed that one!

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