Friday, July 1, 2011

Another week, Another Celeb Round Up

OK, I'll admit it. There are days when I feel like the Solange to Laura's Beyonce.

The caption that went along with this photo is the best:

Justin Bieber -- with a tarantula in hand -- left a doctor's office in L.A. Monday.

There are just so many questions I find myself asking...What kind of doctor? Why the tarantula? When is the last time the Biebs had a good meal?

I am concerned, people.

HUGE round of applause to Pink for actually looking like a woman who has recently given birth. Normal people do not do runway shows in bikinis or attend movie premiers wearing size 2 evening dresses weeks after having a baby. THIS is what normal moms look like and man, I'd love to see more of them.

Really, Rachel? You go from Ryan Gosling to this guy? I'd like to think that he has fantastic personality, but he's carrying something that looks suspiciously like a man purse. And I think we can all agree that a girl should NEVER trust a man with his own purse.

Note to self K. Cavs: When alerting the paps to the fact that you're going jogging wearing nothing but a bra and some tight ass pants, at least remember to put your hair up in a pony tail so you look semi-natural.

I should mention that I wrote this entire post at 11 PM on a Tuesday night wearing the exact same yoga pants I wore to bed last night. So, yeah, I've officially turned into THIS girl:

Bitches, PLEEZ have a fab weekend.


Matthew MacNish said...

I want to get some Yoga pants. They sound super comfy.

Jonathon Arntson said...

1. If I were Solange, I'd be happy with myself. I never want to be as famous as Beyonce.

2. Biebs is probably auditioning for a vampire movie soon. An anorexic vamp, no doubt.

3. P!NK rocks my socks off.

4. That guy looks like the Solange to Indiana Jones.

5. Haha.

6. I love that girl!

Christa said...

Pink is made of Awesome. I looked just like that. Those might even be my gray sweatpants. Except, I also had leaky breast milk on my shirt. Nice.

Btw, I am plugged your interview on the blog today. Can't wait to see it up on Tuesday. You girls are Awesome.

Jill Hathaway said...

THANK YOU for that picture of Pink. Made my morning.

Tracey Neithercott said...

Thank goodness Pink looks like a normal woman. I was afraid they'd started making Hollywood actresses out of plastic for durability.

Elana Johnson said...

I love your celebrity picture posts!

Laura Marcella said...

Now I have the heebie jeebies from that tarantula picture. I feel like there are spiders crawling on me. Eeeek!

Bethany Elizabeth said...

lol, so much random! Why a tarantula? I just don't understand! :)

Krispy said...

I just bought some yoga pants (since sweatpants are way too hot for summer), and I am loving them!

And yeah, why the tarantula?

Marsha Sigman said...

Ok, I was right there with you the whole way (although you are nobody's Solange no matter how much I do love Laura) up until I took a closer look and realized it was Michael Sheen you were dissing.

What the hell? He was Lucian from Underworld Rise of Lycans. I admit he looks like crap there, maybe it's for a movie...where he's like a homeless person...I don't know. But I do know underneath there is a seriously hot guy.

I thought you should know.

Have a great 4th of July!!!

Little Ms J said...

Um, what the eff is K. Cavs famous for? Oh, right. Nothing.

I heart Pink. Her most recent interview in People was so REAL. She talked about all the tears and such. The only thing I disagreed with is how much she loves her husband a couple weeks out. Bitch, please. I wanted to stab mine with a fucking Tommee Tippee bottle. Now I like him, but it took some time.

I heart you and your stinky yoga pants.

erica m. chapman said...

LOL!! Love it. YES we need more like Pink. Rock on. Have a great weekend, ladies!!

Hayley said...

love this! And Michael Sheen isn't too bad, I adored him in the entire Underworld series...but uh yeah Rachel definitely jumped down a couple steps. Who would trade Ryan for...the mess with a man purse?

And yoga pants are comfortable, they are nothing to be ashamed of. As a soon to be college student I'm already living in them. If I didn't have a uniform I'd wear them to work! Oh and there is no way you're that girl. You seem too nice, and educated to be her.

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